Rock On The Range and…Kidney Stones?

Quick update! There was a minor snag in our wonderful getaway…I woke up this morning with excruciating back pain. I get kidney stones about once a year and it is about time I am due so when I started getting the pain I was like “Are you kidding me?! Really?! Hasn’t this week been stressful enough?!”

So we made our way the the Emergency Room nearest the stadium. The took me back to Triage right after I walked in and it was at this point that the pain really escalated. After they Traiged me, they put me back out in the waiting room to wait until a room opens up. Well we waited for an hour and a half while I writhed in pain. I got extremely nauseous at one point. I asked how much longer the wait would be and be nurse said a few hours. Which is just ridiculous when you are in that much pain. 

The pain kept getting worse and I needed to use the restroom. And I passed the stone. I came back out and told Chris we could go. The stone was passed and there was nothing the ER could do for me now. Although the pain royally sucked, I am actually glad I was not taken back and drugged up. I don’t know if the medication they would have given me would have made my IVF cycle be delayed or not and Lord knows I do not want anything hindering this cycle. 

I am okay now. For all those who have had kidney stones you know once they pass everything is back to normal. We are now at Rock On the Range getting ready to see Marilyn Manson!! What a day!!


5 responses to “Rock On The Range and…Kidney Stones?

  1. Oh no! I hope you can enjoy the rest of your trip!!

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  2. OUCH! That is awful!
    I remember sitting in emergency for 5 hours with a broken ankle and all they did in the end was tell me it was broken, dose me up and send me home with crutches… grrr. Still makes me mad 2 years later hahaha.
    I am really glad you were able to pass it and have therefore been able to keep going on your trip 🙂

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    • Thanks!! Me too! The first one I had a few years ago took me days to a pass. Since then it’s only a few hours luckily. We have been having a BLAST!!

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      • It’s great you are having such an awesome time.
        Kidney stones run in my family, but luckily (touch wood) I have not hand one yet. My Mum thinks it’s because I drink so much water 🙂 I doubt it, but I am not dropping my water intake just in case hahaha.
        With the stone behind you I hope you continue to have an amazing trip!


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