When we began this journey and started to stumble, we knew that we wanted to share our story. We know we are one of many, many couples to experience infertility and we have found a lot of support online through other couples’ blogs. One great relief in this process is knowing we are not alone. Every couple that struggles with infertility heads down a different path and often times it is difficult to find someone that has shared our path. We hope that by sharing our story, we can be a light in the night for those embarking on their journey or those that have lost their way.

A little bit about us. My name is Aimee and I have been married to Chris for 4 years. We have been trying to conceive since August 2013. So far our timeline looks like this:

Aug 2013 – Start TTC

Jul 2014 – Semen Analysis (SA) and azoospermia diagnosis

Aug 2014 – Met with Urologist to discuss options

Sept 2014 – Chris began Clomid

Oct 2014 – Chris had Bilateral Varicocelectomy

Feb 2015 – SA showed sperm (very low count)

Apr 2015 – Consult with RE for IVF

May/Jun 2015 – IVF#1 – 2 embryos (no snowbabies) – BFN

Jul/Aug 2015 – IVF#2 – freeze all cycle (two snowbabies)

Sept/Oct 2015 – FET#1 cancelled due to thin lining

Oct/Nov 2015 – FET#1 using Letrozole protocol

Please email us at maybebabyivfjourney@gmail.com!!


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