Getting Away

We are finally on our way out of town. When we bought our tickets for Rock On The Range, we had no idea where would be on our journey to parenthood. We purchased them in January and obviously a LOT has happened since then! 

Not going to lie, I have been nervous about this trip. Over the past few months I have wondered if it was going to affect when we could do a cycle or if I was even going to be in a place where I would want to be out of town for that long. Would I really be able to enjoy myself? We spent so much money on this trip, I would feel awful if we weren’t able to go. But the more it has drawn near the more excited I have been. I know I will be exhausted at the end of the weekend but it will be such a welcome distraction from everything. It will be so nice to have a weekend where we don’t have to think about tests, procedures, sperm, injections and all the other wonderfully adult topics that have become our main topic of conversation these days. 

And the cherry on top is that I get to cross something off my bucket list: seeing Marilyn Manson live. Now, looking at me you would never think that I like Slipknot, Marilyn Manson, Motionless in White, Avatar and a whole bunch of other bands, but I do! I have been a Marilyn Manson fan since I was little and have always wanted to go to one of his concerts but never had the chance. Tomorrow night I can cross that off my bucket list!

So here’s to a nice long weekend away with good music and good company! Hopefully we can look back and say this was our last trip before we became parents!!


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