Our Miracle is Here!

Caleb Robert was born at 6:11am on Sunday September 25th, 2016 via Caesarean section. He weighed 8lbs 2.7oz and 19.5 inches long. He is perfect in every way. God couldn’t have blessed us with a sweeter child. I am planning on doing a post on his birth story and first week of life when I get a chance, but I wanted to update everyone on his arrival! Here are some pictures!


8 responses to “Our Miracle is Here!

  1. Wow! Just beautiful! Congrats to you all.

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  2. He is so stinkin cute! Congrats!!!

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  3. He is beautiful! Congratulations!

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  4. congratulations! Enjoy every minute xx

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  5. Congratulations! He’s a cutie!

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  6. He’s so adorable! Congrats to you both! Looking forward to reading his birth story. I still haven’t posted mine yet but it’s in the works .Welcome Caleb ❤❤❤

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  7. Such a beautiful little boy…..and that paci pal!! I love it!

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  8. Congrats!!! He is so adorable!!!!!!!

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