Okay so here is my mini rant. I will go ahead an apologize if this offends anyone, but this really bothered me…

I find myself being more and more maternal as we near our IVF cycle. I look at babies and instead of the emptiness and longing I once felt, I feel happy, comforted and maternalistic towards the child. So while we were walking around at Rock on the Range and we saw a tiny baby wrapped in a Bjorn with headphones on I immediately got angry. 

This is the type of music that I like. I enjoy coming to these festivals. I understand that these festivals can attract a certain type of crowd. One that likes to indulge in alcohol and smoke weed. While I don’t participate in it, I understand that it goes on because…well…it’s a rock festival. I have been exposed to a lot of smoke this weekend, both the legal and the illegal kind. Almost to the point that I am convinced it is going to affect the quality of my eggs. Hubby had to talk me down from that craziness. One weekend of second hand smoke isn’t going to impair my eggs. 

With all of that being said, it was a choice that we made to come to this festival knowing everything that was going to go on. The sweet little baby wrapped up in the baby Bjorn doesn’t have a choice. It is in the 80s with a high humidity and wearing jeans and a t-shirt is making me sweat uncomfortably. That sweet little baby was wrapped up in two layers of clothes and a blanket snuggled right against her mother’s body. I cannot imagine how hot that sweet little baby is. She was wearing headphones too. Large ones. Which I guess is a good choice if you choose to bring your two month old baby to a heavy metal rock festival. At least the mom thought far enough ahead to buy baby headphones, but not far enough ahead to schedule a babysitter or leave the baby with a trusted family member. 

I understand wanting to come to the festival. I paid a lot of money for these tickets. This has been planned for several months. I want to see all these bands and have a good time. But I know that if I had a two month old baby and I had no child care I would not bring her to this festival. I would stay at home. I would not want to expose her to the heat, smoke, illegal substances and loud chest thumping bass (even f she was wearin headphones)….end rant


One response to “Mini-Rant

  1. I wouldn’t worry about the effects of the illegal substance on you eggs my mother in law was a hippie and smoked a lot of pot and never had an issue conceiving she even had my hubby in her 40s so I wouldn’t worry about one weekend around the stuff… the baby being there is a major issue even if I had paid for the tickets and my babysitter cancelled I wouldn’t take my baby! that was my hormonal issue yesterday “bad moms” set me off…

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