Caleb’s Birth Story

As my little miracle is asleep on my chest, I thought I would take some time and finally write out his birth story. 

We had a C-section scheduled for 7:30am on September 25th. We decided the best and safest way for Caleb to enter the world via C-section due to the fact I had the worst polyhydramnios (excess amniotic fluid) they had seen in decades. I had over four times the normal amount. This caused Caleb not to engage therefore if my water broke there was a chance of his cord prolapsing and causing an emergency situation. In addition he was consistently positioned face up facing my left hip which would make a vaginal delivery difficult. 

My OB knows I have severe anxiety and she knew how much pain I was in with the extra fluid and since she was on call that weekend she said as long as we arrived after midnight on September 25th we could go ahead and do the C-section since I would be 39 weeks. On Saturday September 24th, my best friend and Caleb’s godmother drove 6 hours to come be with us for his birth and house sit our pets while we were in the hospital. 

Everyone anticipated that I would want to be at the hospital at exactly midnight. And that was the original plan. I got everything ready and decided I was going to lay down for a bit to try and get some sleep. For the first time in months I slept for a three hour stretch! Both Chris and Katie stayed awake and couldn’t get a wink of sleep. When I woke up, I told them it was go time and we packed up to head to the hospital. 

We arrived at the hospital around 2:30am. The nurse said that my OB had called about 8pm the night before to let them know her C-section might come in early. She knows me so well! I was taken back and hooked up to the monitors. They checked my cervix and I hadn’t progressed, still 1cm and no effacement. As soon as I was checked I started having contractions. Up to this point I had been having “uterine irritations” due to the polyhydramnios. They basically feel like contractions but don’t show on the monitor that way. This time they were showing. 

After a short while, a nurse came in and introduced herself and said we would be having the C-section at 5am. She started looking at my arms to start my IV. I told her I only had one good vein and it was in the crook of my arm. But they don’t like using that area. After several minutes of examining both arms she decided to use the one good vein. Around this time I started shaking uncontrollably. My arms, my body, everything was shaking pretty badly. My teeth were chattering too. I asked what was happening and was told it was the adrenaline from nervousness and knowing what was about to happen. 

As I was being given my pre-meds, which were anti-nausea meds and fluids, another nurse came in and said that my C-section would be delayed as there is one anesthesiologist on the floor and 4 women decided they wanted epidurals at the same time! Damn them! The nurse held off giving my the antibiotic as that has to be given within an hour of the C-section. So Chris, Katie and I continued to wait. We asked if Chris could do skin to skin as soon as he was born. They agreed. So when Chris dressed in his ghostbusters outfit he took his shirt off underneath so he could put Caleb against his chest. He accidentally put the nurses hat on which caused a laugh!

About 10 mins later, the nurse comes in and says okay, the women decided against epidurals, it’s go time! She pushed the antibiotics and we got up and started heading down the hall. About halfway to the OR, the phone rings and another nurse tells us to stop. One of the women changed her mind again! Come on lady!! So back to the room we went. By now my nerves are in full effect and the shaking is getting out of control. They can’t give me anything because it would make Caleb drowsy when he was born. 

Maybe another 10 minutes go by and the nurse comes back and says it’s for real this time and she wants to get me back there before anyone else changes their mind! I get to the OR room and get up on the table. I was most scared about the spinal block. I do not do well with needles. The anesthesiologist was a very nice and attentive Asian man. He talked me through the whole thing. It took a while to get me numb enough. I kept jumping everytime he added more numbing and then I would freak out and say I’m sorry!! Apparently my spine was tight so it took a little longer to get the needle positioned and the medicine in. One it was I immediately felt a warm sensation move through my body and down my legs. The nurses helped me lay down and I started feeling nauseous. My OB had to hold a bowl beside my head because I vomited a few times. 

Once all that was over, they brought Chris in. He sat by my head and held my hand. He had his phone out to take pictures. (I didn’t realize that he actually recorded some of it on video!) I felt so good after the spinal took full effect. I was so sleepy, I really honestly almost fell asleep. It was the first time in months that I was comfortable and not in any pain. I had to ask if they had started because I wasn’t aware of what they were doing. By the time I asked, they were already in! When they broke my water I could breath! I even kept repeating that over and over again which had everyone laughing. I found out later that they had to change out the suction canister because there was so much to water! One scrub nurse has been an L&D nurse for 26 years and has never had to change out the canister. Chris said it was like a fountain!

After I could breathe again, I was even sleepier because I felt so good!! The anesthesiologist continued to talk me through everything and told me they were about to push on my belly and get Caleb out. Less than a minute later I heard him crying. My OB said he was spunky!! He was taken to get checked out and weighed. Chris went over there with him. When I got to see him for the first time he was wrapped up under Chris’s ghostbusters outfit. 

Caleb Robert was born at 6:11am weighing 8lbs 2.7oz and 19.5 inches long. His first APGAR score was 8 and his second one was 9. 

It took less time for them to stitch me up than I thought it would. Soon enough they transferred me to a gurney and put Caleb in my arms for the first time. The spinal numbed my ring fingers and pinky fingers too so I was worried about him falling off. They wheeled us to recovery where I was able to get ample doses of morphine. I was told repeatedly to stay on top of the pain. 

I am not sure what time we were taken to our room (322). Katie was there waiting for us. The rest of that morning is a bit of a blur due to the morphine and exhaustion. Actually looking back, most of the hospital stay is a blur. Our parents came around lunch time to meet him. Everyone immediately fell in love. 

We had some issues breastfeeding from the start. He had a tongue tie and I have flat nipples so it made for a difficult time learning to breastfeed. He lost quite a bit of weight his first day, down to 7lb 7oz. Because of that we started supplementing. He had his tongue tie corrected and his circumsion on Tues the 27th. Because I felt so good, we decided to leave the hospital a day early. Recovery from my C-section was 10 times less painful then having all that extra fluid for the past few months. 

The past 7 weeks have flown by so fast! I can’t believe how big he is getting! I am so in love!


3 responses to “Caleb’s Birth Story

  1. Awwww I’m in tears reading your story!!! I love it so much, so touching. Welcome to the world Caleb…he is adorable 😊 Congratulations X

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  2. Awe I cried reading this I’m so happy for you and Caleb is beautiful! I can’t believe he’s already 7 weeks

    Liked by 1 person

  3. He is so beautiful! Congratulations!!! So happy that you are out of pain and have this handsome little one in your arms 🙂

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