Update on Zoey

As I mentioned in the previous post, Zoey is doing fantastic! It has been a little over two weeks post amputation and you would never know that she had ever loved her life with four legs. It truly is amazing how adaptable dogs are. She is very active and runs around. Several times we have even found her upstairs by our bedroom door so she is clearly managing stairs with no assistance! 

On Friday, she had her staples removed and she was a champ! We also found out that the tumor was benign!!! It is extremely rare for a bone tumor in a dog to be benign. There is a possibility that it was caught too early to show malignancy and there is a very slight chance there could be micro mets throughout her body. However, all the vets are very optimistic and were celebrating! She is going to live a long health life as a tripawd! Even though the tumor was benign, even if we found our prior to amputation we still would have ended up needing to amputate for quality of life. This was the best possible outcome and we are blessed beyond belief that Zoey will be around for years to come!


4 responses to “Update on Zoey

  1. So happy for Zoey. Xx

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  2. Hooray for a clean bill of health for Zoey and that missing a leg isn’t slowing her down! 🙂

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