Christmas Photo Shoot

I will admit it. I am a Pinterest addict. Guilty as charged. When we started trying for a baby, I pinned all kinds of cute things to do with the little one. Little artwork with tiny hand and foot prints, cute costumes to put them in and posed picture ideas for every occasion imaginable, just to name a few. Today I decided to do an impromptu Christmas photo shoot with little man with some of the ideas from Pinterest. Normally, I fail miserably at recreating perfection from Pinterest, but I get an A for effort! This time though, I might just call this a Pinterest win! What do you think?


4 responses to “Christmas Photo Shoot

  1. I just picked up a strand of lights to use for our shoot next week!

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  2. Awwwww for sure Pinterest winner!!!! What a sweetie pie – Beautiful memories😊
    Now that we know that Rocky is likely to arrive just before Christmas I went out yesterday to but a newborn Christmas outfit and failed miserably- the shelves were bare!! 😭 couldn’t even find a little hat!

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