Hello, Second Trimester!

It’s hard to believe that we are finally in the second trimester!! The last 14 weeks have felt so long, but have also seemed to fly by! I am happy to report that I am feeling A LOT better! I no longer have morning sickness and have gotten a HUGE energy boost. Right now my biggest complaints are itchy ankles, restless legs and back pain. We did the Panorama test during our 11th week and are happy to report Baby came back as low risk in all categories for chromosomal abnormalities! Yes, we do know if Baby is a boy or girl and we even have a name! We have shared this with our family and friends, however stay tuned for the big announcement! 

I had some difficulties in my first trimester with the Crinone. We had to stop it around 9 weeks due to extreme cervical inflammation and irritation. When we went to our first OB appointment during Week 11, the doctor noticed a spot on my cervix that concerned her. She even brought in another doctor to look at it. We are awaiting the results of my Pap and go back for our next appointment in a week. We are hoping that the spot is simply residual inflammation from the Crinone, because when I say my cervix was inflamed I mean it! It was sticking out. For real. If the spot is still there and the same size next week there is the potential I will need a cervical biopsy (again!). I was assured this won’t affect the pregnancy, however it will cause me to bleed A LOT due to increased blood flow down there. I have been putting this in the back of my mind because my first cervical biopsy was a very traumatic experience and if we need to do one, it will be safer for the baby and I if I am sedated. 

This weekend we were able to get some housework done. We planted a tree out front and painted the nursery. A friend of mine will be coming this week to paint a mural for us. We are doing a Lion King theme. My mother-in-law bought us the chair for the nursery, my parents bought the crib and we bought a chifferrobe this weekend. All these pieces should be in town for pickup sometime this week. I am taking advantage of feeling good while I can! Who knows when I will start feeling tired again. 

This is the crib we chose from Babies at Us:

Zoey is doing well after her amputation. She is far more active than I thought she would be. She goes back on Friday to have her staples taken out. She is walking and running and even doing stairs. Sometimes she wants to do more than we would like so we have to keep an eye on her. It was a great decision to amputate her leg. She is back to her normal self. Her personality is back and we can tell she is in far less pain. 

I am finally starting to show a little so I think I will be doing weekly bumpdates going forward. We also bought a Fetal Doppler and I have been able to listen is Baby’s heartbeat a few times. I found it fairly quickly and was pleased with myself! I think that is all the news for now! 

4 responses to “Hello, Second Trimester!

  1. Ah bless her. Get well soon Zoey. Xxx And hope everything goes well with the testing.

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  2. yay! Such good news which doppler did you get? I have been looking into them and want one but don’t know which to invest in?

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