Hello from the Hospital

Yes, I sang Adele out loud while typing the title

I started writing this post after I was admitted to the hospital on 3/11 however the pain meds quickly zonked me out. Those things are no joke. I am now home snuggled up under my Minion blanket with one of my kitties. I will try and make this as coherent as possible however I am still on pain medication. 

Friday 6 am – I was fast asleep dreaming of taking a family vacation when I was in high school. In my dream I began having severe back pains and no matter how I tried to get comfortable in the van the pain kept getting worse. I woke up and the pain was real. Immediately I knew what was happening. I have had kidney stones before and the pain is unmistakeable. I went to the bathroom and called to Chris. The pain increased in intensity quickly, I got clammy and became overcome with nausea. In the past, I have waited out the stones but I was concerned about stress on the baby so we decided to go to the ER. Chris have Zoey (our dog) her medicine, took her out and then we were in the car. While driving, we of course got stuck in traffic. The pain became overwhelmingly intense again and I became vomiting pure bile, which in turn exacerbated the pain. I ended up wetting myself due to the intensity of heaving. 

Friday 7 am – arrived at ER and already taken back to a room. We chose to go to a quiet hospital across town because of their lack of ER wait (this fact will become important later). I was given a gown and told to undress from the waist up. Due to wetting myself, I decided to just wear the gown only. They took my blood pressure: 146/94! I was definitely in pain. The doctor came in and we discussed my pain and nausea. I was hooked up to an IV and given fluids, Zofran and Morphine and I peed in a cup. Since I am pregnant, I couldn’t have a CT scan which is the gold standard for diagnosing kidney stones. They did an ultrasound of my kidneys to see if they could find a stone (they didn’t) and did an ultrasound to check on baby (heart rate 157 and wiggling around). The doctor wasn’t surprised that the ultrasound didn’t show a stone as that is a poor diagnostic tool for kidney stones.  

Friday 8 am – We called my mom to come and be with me at the hospital as Chris had to drive back across town to pick up Zoey and drove back to take her to her pet oncologist appointment (she was diagnosed earlier this week…stayed tuned for a post). Due to the urgency of her diagnosis, I did not want to reschedule and had Chris take her without me. 

Friday 9 am – Urinalysis came back as positive for an infection. I was expecting this. Whenever I have gotten stones in the past I always have a kidney infection. I don’t get normal UTI symptoms so I don’t know I have one until it causes a stone. The ER Doctor placed a call to my OB to see what they wanted to do with me since this hospital doesn’t like to touch you if you are even a day pregnant.

Friday 10 am – the ER Doctor spoke with the on call OB at the office and they said they wanted to treat me with oral antibiotics unless I couldn’t keep them down, in which case I would have to be transferred to my OB’s hospital, admitted, and treated with IV antibiotics. The nurse gave me a second liter of fluids, IV Reglan, IV Morphine and an oral antibiotic. 

Friday 10:30 am – During this time I was calling back and forth with Chris to see how Zoey’s appointment was going…then BAM! Back to vomiting pure bile. The antibiotic pill didn’t come up, but just the fact I was still vomiting meant I would not be going home. 

Friday 11 am – Paperwork was started for me to be transferred to my OB’s hospital and we had to wait on a room placement. 

Friday 12 pm – We had a room assigned to us at the other hospital. The nurse called EMS for transport. We were originally given a choice between my mom taking me or going by ambulance. If I went by private car my IV would have to be removed and I was still on fluids and medicine. The doctor then took the choice away and said I would be going by ambulance. New adventure! Never been in an ambulance before.  

Friday 12:45 pm – EMS arrived. The pain was coming back but we decided to wait until I got to the other hospital to see what my OB wanted to do. Off I went in the ambulance. It was a strange experience but the EMTs were super nice. 

Friday 1:25 pm – Arrived in room at OB’s hospital. Room was really, really nice! I was greeted with the nurse’s aide who asked if I would like some food. She offered me a grilled cheese sandwich and chicken noodle soup. I took them but only ended up having a few bits due to the nausea. My mom arrived about 20 mins after I did so I wasn’t alone too long. 

Friday 2 – 4 pm – During this time I was distracted because the Morphine was wearing off and I was incredibly nauseated. The nurse came in and took my vitals and a receptionist came in to verify my information. Finally the on call OB came in to see how I was doing and go over what was going to happen. She ordered IV antibiotics for the infection, IV Phenergan for nausea, oral Reglan and oral Percocet. She called my husband’s urologist (Dr. Shep) whom we love to come over and do a consult. 

Friday 4:30 pm – Medications arrive! Thank the Lord! It had been 6 hours since my last dose of pain medicine and if you have ever experienced kidney stones you know how long of a time that is! The Phenergan made me sleepy so that distracted me while the pain meds kicked in. 

Friday 5 – 6 pm – Mom left at 5 and Chris didn’t arrive until 6 so I had an hour of down time. I did some channel surfing and tried to watch Jupiter Ascending. On pain meds it didn’t keep my attention. I will have to try it when not inebriated. 

Friday 6 pm – Chris arrived with some things I requested from home: my lamb baby stuffed animal (yes I am 5) and my Minions blanket as well as my bite guard, phone charger and fresh pants and undies (I wet myself remember? I will never forget). Shortly after he got to the hospital, Dr. Shep came in for our consult. He was pleased I was doing better than that morning. He explained how limited we were with what we could do to diagnose the stone. He said that in cases like mine they just like to sit on us and wait and see. He mentioned possibly having to go in surgically to remove the stone, but for now I would just be observed and I would have to pee in a “hat” and the nurse would strain my pee (yay…)

Friday 7 – 9 pm – Chris watched the UK basketball game on his phone while I watched Jurassic World. I was occasionally drifting off to sleep. At 8:30 the nurse brought in my medications. She gave me IV Phenergan, oral Reglan, oral Percocet, prenatal vitamin, folic acid and a Zoloft (since I left mine at home). Chris left to go home and take care of Zoey and I drifted off to sleep. 

I won’t bore you with the times I was woken up in the middle of the night. Between the nurse coming in to take vitals and give me more antibiotics at midnight, to her coming in every hour or so to strain my pee, to the many bathroom trips because I had 3 liters of fluid in me, to the IV pump going off because I needed IV Fluid Bag #4…I did not sleep well. My vitals that were taken in the middle of the night were extremely low but the nurse didn’t seem concerned. Also I was not allowed anything to eat or drink after midnight in case I needed surgery.  

Saturday 4 am – I woke up with pain again. It had been about 8 hours since my last dose of medication. This time my right side was hurting me. Then it banded across to my left side. I thought it might be how I was laying but it wasn’t. I waited for the next time the nurse came in to strain my pee to ask for meds. She gave me two Percocets around 4:30 am and I fell back asleep. 

Saturday 8 am – I was woken up when the nurse came in to take vitals. I actually felt somewhat refreshed and had no nausea. The pain meds were starting to wear off but it was manageable. I called Chris and he said he would take care of Zoey and be on his way. I called my parents to update them on how I was doing. One of Dr. Shep’s collegues came in to see how I was doing. He was impressed with my spirits and said I looked good and he wa glad my nausea was gone. He said I could eat again as he didn’t see a need for surgical intervention. He also said I was okay to be discharged when the OB cleared me. He didn’t know if that would be today or tomorrow. 

Saturday 9 am – Chris arrived and the nurse brought me breakfast of pancakes, bacon and fruit. I was actually able to eat and keep it down! The nurse came in and gave me my prenatal vitamins, folic acid, oral Reglan, oral Percocet, IV Antibiotics #3 and IV Fluid Bag #5. (Side note: with the amount of fluid they are giving me and how much I am drinking I am surprised that my urine was still bright/dark yellow. I guess I was severely dehydrated). 

Saturday 10 am – 12 pm – I fell asleep a few times and just tried to relax. We watched a few episodes of Law and Order while we waited for the OB to come and check on me. 

Saturday 12 pm – The on call OB came to check on me and was pleased with how well I was feeling. She said I could be discharged and she would send me home with scripts for Reglan and Percocet! The three bags of antibiotics should take care of the infection without a need for oral antibiotics.

Since being discharged I still haven’t passed the kidney stone but the pain is much more manageable. I think it will pass on the next 12 hours or so. I will sleep good tonight! It has been a very long 36 hours! I am just happy that baby is okay and the stress and pain has not harmed Mumble in any way. And I am of course glad that I am feeling better!! Thank you to everyone who kept us in their prayers and called to check up on us!

9 responses to “Hello from the Hospital

  1. Oh my goodness! I’m so sorry you’ve had such a rough few days… Hopefully it passes soon (and as painlessly -if that’s a word- as possible)!

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  2. Yikes!!!! Rough deal!! So glad you are home and praying for a quick pass of that stone from hades!!!

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  3. myendofertilityjourney

    😦 wow… I hope the stone passes and you can get some relief and rest asap! You poor thing!!

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  4. Feel better soon dear ❤️

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  5. sorry to hear that you had to go through this rough ordeal. i hope the stones pass soon and you start to feel better.

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  6. Holy smokes! I’m sorry that you had to go through all of that! IV phenergan is awesome isn’t it?!? I hope the stone passes soon and you are back to feeling great in no time

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  7. Oh no, feel better soon

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  8. eek that sounds like no fun at all. I hope you feel really better really soon xx

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  9. Poor you! Hope you get well soon. Xx

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