FET#1 Update – Beta#3 Results

We had our third and final beta this morning and just got the results…9,685!!!

Our ultrasound was originally schedule on my birthday, 2/17. But after talking to the doctor about the anxiety I have been experiencing it has been moved up to 2/12. We will be 6 weeks and 6 days hen so hopefully we will hear a heartbeat (or two)! With those numbers, what do we think? One? Or two?

14 responses to “FET#1 Update – Beta#3 Results

  1. What DPO were they? I’d guess one for now…
    Lookin’ good! What a lovely, large number. And what an early birthday present, to have some of your anxieties assuaged. ❤

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  2. Great numbers!! Congratulations ☺️

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  3. These are fantastic numbers!!! Congratulations!! Xx

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  4. I’m so ecstatic for you!


  5. Yay for babies!!! My twin hcg’s were 220 8dpt, 503 10dpt, and 23,000 20dpt. I think you could certainly have two!!

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  6. Fantastic numbers. Mine were high like that and I only had the one in me. I am so incredibly happy for you

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  7. Brilliant numbers! Congratulations!

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  8. sewingbutterfly

    Two!! How exciting 🙂

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  9. Awesomeness!! I hope the times flies 🙂


  10. Yay!!!! So excited!!!

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  11. Congratulations! Happy news to read always love reading this sort of events


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