FET#1 Update – Transfer Day

Transfer Day was Friday January 15th. I am not sure when I will be posting this as I am so exhausted I am sleeping every few hours

Morning of transfer I woke up refreshed and positive. I have been so nervous about transfer and we have been waiting so long for this day…132 days since we started our FET, but who’s counting?! Luckily, Chris let me sleep in so I wouldn’t be pacing around the house waiting to go. I woke up about an hour before we had to leave and I decided to curl my hair. Even though I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup I wanted to look pretty when we were reunited with our babies. For those that don’t know, on transfer day you cannot have any artificals smells on you…no deodorant, can’t brush your teeth, wash your hair, put on lotions, etc. Smells can kill embryos which is the exact OPPOSITE of what you want. So if we have to roll up in there au naturale then so be it.


Baby Dust manicure for good luck!!

I took my Valium and 600mg ibuprofen an hour before transfer as instructed. The ibuprofen is for comfort and the Valium is to relax the uterus so it doesn’t contract during the procedure and expel the babies. We don’t want that. I also started drinking my 40 ounces of water. When we arrived we were taken back and they did an ultrasound to see how big my bladder was…it wasn’t big at all. So I had some drinking to do! I drank another 80 ounces over the course of an hour. The nurse had me drink warm water and dance around the room…I was doing jumping jacks and the running man…anything I could to get my bladder full!!


Walking into the office for transfer

Around 11 o’clock, a full hour after transfer, they scanned my bladder and I was good to go. I felt like I was going to pee everywhere! The embryologist came in and told us that both babies survived the thaw and had become expanded blastocysts!! Which is great news as that means they are about to start hatching!! Unfortunately we didn’t get a picture of our little ones as he was all set to go with them and didn’t want to jeopardize them by getting them back out to take a picture. So now the “fun” begins!

If you have had a transfer you know what I am talking about, if you haven’t, there is not real way to describe the discomfort of the process. First, your bladder has to be very full so it straightens out your uterus and also, ultrasounds see better through liquid so it provides better visualization. Then they place you in super stirrups and strap your legs in them. Then they take a transabdominal ultrasound and push down on your bladder until you are certain you are going to pee on the doctors face. Once you are sufficiently uncomfortable, in goes the speculum…the extra LARGE speculum…that is now pushing on your bladder from the other direction. Sounds great right? Next comes the catheter. They thread that through the cervix (BIG pinch) and visualize it on the ultrasound to get into the right place. My uterus, as always, wasn’t being very cooperative so it took them a while to find the perfect spot for the babies. Once it is found, a second catheter that has the babies is thread through the one already in place and there is a flash of light on the ultrasound screen and voila there are your babies!!! 


The big black area is my bladder and the little white dot by my thumb are the babies

I was allowed to pee immediately after, thank God! And then the nurse gave us discharge instructions and a good luck hug! Then it was off to acupuncture for a special “holding” session to get my uterus to grasp into those babies. Honestly I don’t remember much of it because it’s so relaxing, and I was still on Valium. So I had a nice nap. He did use different points he hadn’t before including one on the top of my head. 

When we got home, the bedrest began. I am on strict bedrest for 3 days. Lots of clinics don’t do bedrest. Some do minimal. Those that I know of that have done strict bedrest have gotten pregnant so that is what I am doing. Only getting up to use the restroom or move from the couch to the bed. Chris has been taking great care of me. My dad came over for a while yesterday to watch me while Chris had a doctor’s appointment. My mom has been making us homemade dinners and bringing them over so I don’t have to worry about food and can continue to eat healthy. 

I have had zero bleeding or spotting. After transfer last time I had quite a bit of bleeding the first day. I had one small spot of tan last night but it might be from the Crinone. I also felt a few pinching sensations yesterday evening and a few cramps. I have felt nothing today except fatigue. I am listening to my body and sleeping when it tells me to. Our first beta is scheduled for the 25th so only 9 days away!!

Oliver protecting Momma and her babies

8 responses to “FET#1 Update – Transfer Day

  1. Aw good luck lovely, I just had a 7week scan of our miracle FET baby! Sending lots of positive vibes, take it easy for first few days then get distracted it really helped me with this last cycle. #ComeOn2016Baby xx

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  2. Sounds great!!!!!! Rest up, mama!!! You got this!

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  3. Keep resting up! Sounds like it all went great. I did full bed rest for 2 or 3 days this round and here I am at almost 34 weeks so I am fan. Good luck!

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  4. Good luck to you!!! Just curious, since it sounds like you’ve thought a lot about how you’re doing things this 2WW — do you let your kitty sit on your lap post-transfer? I wasn’t sure what to do with my ‘lap cat’ last time and now I’m up to two lap cats… 🙂

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    • He sits at my side or between my legs and I make a little hole for him down there. I am trying not to let him on my stomach, but sometimes he’s just so darn cute! I don’t really think it hurts anything at this stage. Most fertile woman have pets on their laps before they know they are preggo 🙂


  5. It is so interesting to hear the different protocol at each fertility clinic. For example, no one mentioned to me about fragrances affecting egg and embryo quality. I happened to read it on my own and was careful for the egg retrieval, but not too strict for transfer. Our carrier and I both wore normal makeup, deodorant, etc., just left off hairspray and perfume type stuff. It makes me wonder how they handle it for the nurses and doctors now. Are your nurses not allowed to wear makeup? I didn’t notice anyone wearing fragrance at our transfer but I wasn’t thinking much about that once we were there. Our clinic also doesn’t offer acupuncture but it sounds like many do, which I find interesting. Anyway, I’m glad this wait for you to be reunited is over now and I’m wishing you lots of luck!!! (I also think it’s so sweet that your family is so supportive and making meals for you and all. It’s nice that they seem to understand how difficult this time really is and are taking it seriously. 🙂)

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  6. Sounds like an uncomfortable experience, but it also sounds like it went well. Fingers crossed for you.

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