FET#1 Update – CD12 Lining Check

By the grace of God (and two Benedryls) I actually got a good night’s sleep. I have been so anxious about today’s appointment. I’ll get right to it. 

The ultrasound tech took us back and started the scan. Of course my uterus was being its normal sassy self and not cooperating so she went ahead and scanned my ovaries first. I had 18 follicles on my right ovary, some were definitely growing but there was one big mama at almost 17mm. My left ovary had 23 follicles and not as many were growing. That explains why I have been have the twinges and pains in my ovaries, especially the right one. 

The tech then located my uterus and I was trying so hard to see my lining. I kept seeing glimpses of it and it looked trilaminar. She measured my lining at…3.72mm and my heart started to sink. But I kept seeing more and and more so I wasn’t too discouraged. She got a better view and my lining IS trilaminar and she measured it at 8.6mm. She deleted the first measurement and took an additional two so the average is 7.77mm!! We passed the milestone!!! The letrozole worked!!

So here are the next steps

  • Trigger with Novarel tomorrow night at 7PM. Tomorrow will also be my last day of Estrace. 
  • No meds on Saturday
  • Sunday I will begin Crinone at night and will continue until 10 weeks gestation
  • Our transfer is scheduled for 10AM on Friday January 15th!!! 

I am starting to get really excited! It’s actually going to happen! After 6 months of waiting!! Now hoping the next week flies by!! Thank you for all the kind thought and prayers! They worked! Keep em coming and let’s get these snowbabies to stick!!


6 responses to “FET#1 Update – CD12 Lining Check

  1. YES!!!!!!!!!! Been waiting for this update all day!!!! Best news ever!!!! Get ready snowbabies, it’s about to get warm !!!

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  2. Wooohoo!!!!! Soon to be PUPO!!! Great news 🙂

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  3. Yay!!!! Great news!!!

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