FET#1 Update – CD11 and Tomorrow’s Appointment

It is amazing how quickly and slowly time goes at the same time when you are cycling. I feel like we have been waiting for tomorrow (CD12) for forever…well we kind of have! But at the same time it’s crazy to me that we are already almost halfway through our FET cycle! 

I feel like there is so much pressure surrounding tomorrow’s appointment. The appointment on CD12 of a letrozole prep FET cycle is blood work and ultrasound. This appointment is going to tell us several things: 

  • It will show how my body is absorbing the estrogen. I have been on 2mg Estrace for 4 days.
  • It will show if my body responded to the letrozole. 
  • It will show how many follicles are growing and what their sizes are. 
  • Most importantly, it will show if my lining is above the 7mm threshold and is trilaminar (meaning three strips)

Based on the labs and ultrasound results we will find out….

  • When we administer the HCG trigger shot to induce ovulation. We know it will be in the morning we just don’t know what day.
  • When we start Crinone (progesterone suppositories). This will be the day after the trigger shot and I will be on 1 suppository 1x daily before bed. (Side note: SO excited no PIO shots!!!)
  • Most importantly, when our transfer will be!! This will be on the 6th day of taking Crinone. 

So as you can see, tomorrow’s appointment is kind of a big one where we will get a lot of information and find out next steps. To me though, I feel like it’s an even bigger deal. Since we started this journey nine months ago, I have been focusing on milestones. The little accomplishments and steps in our journey that have moved us one step closer to our babies. For our first IVF these were our milestones:

  • Clearing all the blood tests, SIS and HSG and get the all clear for IVF. 
  • Banking and freezing Chris’s sperm in case for some reason he stopped producing again. 
  • Starting injections and obtaining eggs at our retrieval (2 eggs retrieved)
  • Using Chris’s sperm to successfully fertilize my eggs
  • Transferring our embryos back, even though they were only Day 2 embies. 

When our first IVF cycle failed, we moved on to more milestones:

  • Obtaining more eggs than IVF#1 – the doctors and nurses cheered when they got the 3rd egg. I ended up with 14!
  • Getting our embryos to make it to blastocysts and be of a good enough grade to freeze (2 snowbabies in the freezer, one 3BB and one 3BB-)

Then it came time for our first FET and our next milestone:

  • Grow a thick enough lining (7mm) and a nice trilaminar home for our snowbabies to proceed to transfer.

Well, that is the milestone that we haven’t been able to cross yet. This is our roadblock and what is holding us back from being reunited with our snowbabies. This is the milestone that we have been waiting months to pass. Tomorrow’s appointment will hopefully remove this road block and we can be on to our next milestone: Snowbabies surviving the thaw. This time tomorrow…actually, this time in a little over 12 hours, we will know if my lining has become a nice home for our babies. 

I am excited, but I am also reserved. I haven’t been as excited during this cycle as I thought I would be because in the back of my mind I am so concerned about this appointment and passing this milestone. I don’t even know where we go from here if my lining is still thin. I don’t want to think about it. Right now I am in a “failure is not an option” mode. And I am positive and hopeful for good results tomorrow, but I will definitely breathe a little easier after the appointment knowing that we are set to transfer next week. 

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. Every step of this journey is wonderful but it does take an emotional toll. I pray I will have good news for everyone tomorrow!! 

A brief note on side effects: I have definitely been more tired and dizzy. Every time I close my eyes the world spins. I have also been having cramps and twinges/pain in my ovaries. Sometimes very sharp pains. I feel bloated and my lower abdomen feels very “full”. I have had some mood swings but not nearly as bad as previously. I have been sleeping like a rock. 



3 responses to “FET#1 Update – CD11 and Tomorrow’s Appointment

  1. You are absolutely in my thoughts and prayers!!!! Think Thick!!! You got this!!

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  2. Best wishes for a great lining! Can’t wait to hear how things go 🙂

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  3. Praying all goes well!! I know the lining struggles all too well! Praying for a thick lining for sure.

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