FET#1 Update – CD8 Estrace Time

So I made it through 5 days of letrozole (Femara) and overall I didn’t have too many side effects…as compared to the other fertility meds I have taken. The first two days I had a lot of energy and was very productive. At points I felt euphoric. Then I started to become dizzy almost consistently. My motion sickness was heightened as every time I got in a car I was incredibly sick to my stomach.

 The last two side effects are consistent with how I felt on Gonal-F which is FSH (Follice Stimulating Hormone) so that makes sense. For those who don’t know, letrozole makes my brain think I am not producing enough estrogen so it sends more and more FSH to fix it. So basically my body is producing the hormone instead of pumping me with synthetic hormones. I like the fact that this is a more natural way of doing this, but I am scared that my body won’t do its job. 

Today, CD8, I started taking 2mg Estrace (estrogen). Let me tell you how not excited I am to be back on estrogen. Luckily this time it’s on 2 pills a day orally instead of 5 pills twice a day vaginally, but still…estrogen makes me crazy. And my body absorbs it into my blood pretty proficiently. Last time my blood level E2 was well over 3000…which once I hit the 2500 mark I lose my mind. Not. Kidding. I cried hysterically for 2 hours because I was convinced my husband was mad at me because I wasn’t wearing pants. Spoiler Alert: He wasn’t mad and didn’t care that I wasn’t wearing pants. So hopefully this time my body will cooperate and since I am on a lower dose I won’t board the train to crazy town. 

It is hard to believe that this Thursday, CD12, we will know if my body reacted the way we needed it to and if we will indeed be able to transfer our snow babies next week. This week is going to feel so long. But we have waited for months and months, what is another 4 days, right?



3 responses to “FET#1 Update – CD8 Estrace Time

  1. Yay! Praying everything works out this week (and next!)

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  2. Sending you lots of happy positive baby making dust! HUGS LADY!!!

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