FET#1 Update – CD3 Baseline

It has been 121 days since we started this transfer cycle. That is crazy! Well hopefully we won’t have to wait too much longer. I took my NuvaRing out on the 22nd and Aunt Flo arrived on the 27th. I emailed my nurse on the 28th to book my CD3 baseline ultrasound, only to find out my nurse has left the practice! Cue tears! She was my rock! She knew me and my case so well and was so caring and kind. I was quite upset when I found out she left but the new nurse seems to be very nice and is genuinely caring. Luckily my old nurse briefed my new nurse specifically on my case since it is a bit strange. I really appreciated that!

Anyways, we went in yesterday, CD3, for our baseline ultrasound. There were no cysts (thank God!) and everything looked great! I got a call from my doctor on my way home saying everything was great and we were all set to move forward with the letrozole. She wanted to confirm that since we didn’t do a trial of this protocol, that if everything looked good we could go ahead and transfer. Heck yes! Let’s get those snow babies back where they belong! So I started the letrozole last night. Here is the plan:

  • I am to take two 2.5mg pills a day for 5 days which will put us at CD7.
  • On CD8 I am to start 2mg Estrace (orally) until transfer.
  • We go back on the 7th (CD12) to check my lining and we PRAY that it is above 8mm and is trilaminar.
  • If everything looks good on CD12 they will instruct me when to take my HCG shot and they said it will be in the morning this time
  • After the HCG shot, I will start Crinone 1x day until 10 weeks gestation
  • Transfer should be on the 13th!

That’s all for now folks! I am just kind of laying low after the holidays, trying to get the house back in order and get back into the routine of things. I will post about any side effects from the letrozole. Especially since this is an unusual protocol for an FET!






6 responses to “FET#1 Update – CD3 Baseline

  1. How exciting!!!! Your snow babies should be back with mama in less than 2 weeks!! Prayers for smooth sailing, a healthy lining, minimal side effects and a healthy resulting pregnancy!!

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  2. Yay!!! So glad everything is moving forward. I totally understand about the nurse ugh that’s the worst. We had that happen after our first fresh and before our first FET. I never liked our second nurse. When we changed clinics this year I knew the nurse was almost as important as the RE and I love our nurse at the new clinic. Hope everything goes well with your new nurse!

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