FET#1 – Day 100

It has been 100 days since we started this FET cycle. That is CRAZY! That is almost 1/3 of the year that we have been trying to be reunited with our snowbabies. When we did IVF#2 and froze our two blastocysts, I expected to be apart from them for a month…two at the latest…not 100 days! And we are still at least a month out from transfer.

Time is still flying by…mostly. Sometimes it seems like each minute lasts an hour and then other times I blink and I have jumped ahead two days in the future. It helps that we have had a busy few weeks, even though the busyness hasn’t been due to good things. The Saturday after Thanksgiving we went to a local farm and cut down our Christmas tree. This is a tradition we are starting and it was our 2nd Annual trip. When we got home, we decorated the tree and a friend and I went to a craft store to buy items to make a wreath. While we were there I got a text from my mom telling me that one of my dad’s ferrets was going to the emergency animal hospital. He has two ferrets: Rocky and Buffy. They are his babies. He loves them and spoils them like crazy. Long story short…Buffy went into the animal hospital on Saturday and passed away on Tuesday. My dad is heartbroken. If you know anything about ferrets, they are very social and they bond to one another. When one ferret in a bonded pair dies, it is common for the other one to die within a month unless they bond with another ferret. So, I spent most of my day of Tuesday calling everywhere I could within a 200 mile radius to try and find another ferret for Rocky. Well, by a chance of fate, I was able to find Buffy’s littermate’s daughter! So we roadtripped to Columbus (a 4.5 hour drive each way) to go pick her up last Thursday. Rocky seems to be doing better and isn’t as depressed and mopey and Willow (the new ferret) is enjoying her new home.

Not our ferrets. Our ferrets will not stay still long enough to take a picture this cute. But this is what they look like.

After that fiasco was dealt with, I woke up the next morning with a fever and have been battling an upper respiratory virus ever since. Tis the season! In addition, we found mold on our basement ceiling the other night so we are having that looked at today and there was a brief moment of chaos when the cats attacked and knocked over the 100+lb Christmas tree at 5am! Oh! Did I mention the check engine light on the new SUV came on yesterday? And the deep freezer stopped working so we lost all our pre-prepared casseroles and crockpot meals. Luckily we were down to the last few in there so we didn’t lose much.

All of the craziness has made the time go by faster so that is good. I have been preoccupied with putting out fires that I haven’t had too much time to dwell on the wait. I replaced my NuvaRing on Monday so that made me feel another step closer to our transfer. 13 more days until I take it out for good and then wait for Aunt Flo. Then once she starts, it will only be 19 days until we are reunited with our snowbabies. We are getting so close! By the time we do our transfer, it will have been 5 months since we started this FET!


5 responses to “FET#1 – Day 100

  1. I admire your patience. I would be a mess waiting!!!!


  2. I can’t believe it has been 100 days! I am impressed with how calm and patient you are.


  3. I hope that your reunited with your snowbabies soon!

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  4. Wowwwwwwwwww, that sounds INSANEEEEE!!!!!!!! The TWW doesn’t have anything on you that’s for sure :S ❤


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