FET#1 Update – Time is Flying

I have been a bit quiet on the blogging front recently because there isn’t really anything new happening regarding our FET. For those of us keeping count, it is now Day 83 of FET#1. Longest FET ever!! I did speak with the nurse and it turns out the office is closed on Sat Dec 26th so I will be taking out my NuvaRing on Dec 23rd instead of the 21st to ensure that my monitoring days don’t fall on days when the office is closed. That is exactly one month from today. 

Honestly, the past two weeks have flown by and I know the next month will as well. I guess if there is any time of the year to have to have a long wait it is best to be over the holidays because the days and weeks go by so fast. It will be Thanksgiving in few days and the Christmas before we know it. We will be in this middle of our letrozole when we ring in the New Year and then we will start out 2016 the best way possible: being reunited with our babies. 

The past two weeks have been less stressful. I think is the fact that the wait is longer than a week or two so I am able to relax a little bit. Not to mention this is my favorite time of the year so that has kept me in a pleasant mood. I have been listening to Christmas music for a few weeks now. Yesterday we put up about half of our outside Christmas decorations. We put up these white wooden deer that my grandfather had made over 20 years ago. My parents gave them to us last year and I refinished them. My grandfather has been gone for 17 years but it still feels by yesterday. It was really nice to put up those deer and know they were lovingly made by him. This weekend we are going to cut down our Christmas tree. 

I did order one of my Christmas presents today. I am the crazy cat lady. I embrace it. This is my Christmas present…the Mewgaroo

Yes, that is a hoodie with a kangaroo pouch for my cat. I have four cats so they will have to take turns. I am so excited. Yes, I fully recognize my crazy 🙂

That is all for now. Please know each and everyone of you, my blogging sisters, are in my prayers. I am so excited for the pregnancy announcements and positive betas. And I am with you giving you virtual hugs for those that have experienced loss and now have an angel baby. 


4 responses to “FET#1 Update – Time is Flying

  1. Lovely post – totally embracing the chrimbo and cat madness here too in England! I start IVF cycle 3 on Christmas Day so will think of you and your frosty babies xx


  2. lol the cat hoodie is too cute! Christmas will be here before you know it!

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  3. exciting times coming up! by the way that cat hoodie is awesome! I want one! xx

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