FET#1 Update – Transfer on hold for the Holidays

I know it’s been a week since I last posted and I kind of left everyone hanging. It has been a very hectic week and I am still getting over this sickness so every spare minute has been spent sleeping and trying to recuperate.

So as we know, last Tuesday (3rd) I went in for an ultrasound to see where Aunt Flo was and they found a 5 cm cysts on my right ovary. They brought me back in later that day for blood work because apparently I had ovulated. They didn’t call me the next day, but I did see my progesterone lab posted online. It was 9.2 ng which means that I definitely ovulated (which is still just insane to me). The nurse didn’t call until late Thursday afternoon. They confirmed that I ovulated and said that my beta was negative. She said that I should start my period soon but if I don’t start in 7 days to call back and they would put me back on Provera. Well, within a few hours of hanging up with the nurse, I start spotting. I spotted all weekend and Aunt Flo has officially arrived in full force as of today. I forgot how painful cramps can be. Especially when I haven’t had a period in 3 months.

I just talked to the nurse again this morning and I will put in my NuvaRing on Friday so we won’t be playing “chase Aunt Flo” again. But timing is really tricky and we had to spend some time figuring everything out on the calendar. We are aiming for a transfer the second full week of January which is the 11th – 16th. Since I am on a Letrozole prep that means that my CD19 needs to fall within that week. We also need to have a CD3 (could be scanned between CD2 – CD5, but CD3 is ideal) and CD12 ultrasound when the doctor’s office is open. They are closed on Sundays, Christmas Eve, Christmas, half day New Years Eve and closed New Years Day…are you starting to see my dilemma? It is more confusing than a normal FET because of using Letrozole instead of hormone replacement therapy. So basically, we have to time everything as close as we can, and pick a day for me to take my NuvaRing out. Here is what I came up with and emailed the nurse. I think our safest bet is to take out NuvaRing on Dec 21st:

If I take out the ring on Monday 21st  here is when I would start my period:

  • If I start on the 24th
    • Ultrasound on CD3 (Sat 26th) or CD5 (Mon 28th)
    • Letrozole CD3 (Sat 26th)  – CD 7 (Wed 30th)
    • Begin Estrace CD8 (Thurs 31st)
    • Ultrasound on CD12 (Mon 4th)
    • Trigger with HCG on CD12 (Mon 4th)
    • Ovulate on CD14 (Wed 6th)
    • Begin Crinone 1x daily CD14 (Wed 6th)
    • Transfer on CD19 (Mon 11th)
  • If I start on the 25th – Scans would fall on:
    • Ultrasound on CD2 (Sat 26th) or CD4 (Mon 28th)
    • Letrozole CD3 (Sun 27th)  – CD 7 (Thurs 31st)
    • Begin Estrace CD8 (Fri 1st)
    • Ultrasound on CD12 (Tues 5th)
    • Trigger with HCG on CD12 (Tues 5th)
    • Ovulate on CD14 (Thurs 7th)
    • Begin Crinone 1x daily CD14 (Thurs 7th)
    • Transfer on CD19 (Tues 12th)
  • If I start on the 26th
    • Ultrasound on CD3 (Mon 28th)
    • Letrozole CD3 (Mon 28th) – CD7 (Fri 1st)
    • Begin Estrace CD8 (Sat 2nd)
    • Ultrasound on CD12 (Wed 6th)
    • Trigger with HCG on CD12 (Wed 6th)
    • Ovulate on CD14 (Fri 8th)
    • Begin Crinone 1x daily CD14 (Fri 8th)
    • Transfer on CD19 (Wed 13th) 
  • If I start on the 27th
    • Ultrasound on CD3 (Tues 29th)
    • Letrozole CD3 (Tues 29th) – CD7 (Sat 2nd)
    • Begin Estrace CD8 (Sun 3rd)
    • Ultrasound on CD12 (Thurs 7th)
    • Trigger with HCG on CD12 (Thurs 7th)
    • Ovulate on CD14 (Sat 9th)
    • Begin Crinone 1x daily CD14 (Sat 9th)
    • Transfer on CD19 (Thurs 14th)

This will give us some flexibility since it takes me between 4-6 days after taking NuvaRing out to start my period. Plus it gives flexibility if I am not ready to trigger on CD12 and need a few more days. If all of that confused you, you are not alone. It is no joke trying to plan something that is pretty much “unplannable” especially around the holidays and office closings. But that is where it stands at the moment. For now, I am going to enjoy my hot baths and my wine. I am going to enjoy the holiday season and Dec 21st will be here before I know it!


5 responses to “FET#1 Update – Transfer on hold for the Holidays

  1. Aaah, I hope you can finally relax over the next few weeks at least. ❤

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  2. I am taking a hot bath as we speak! Enjoy the little break before transfer is here!

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  3. Eughh holiday season has really messed everything up but the good thing is that you can enjoy the holiday season that little more 🙂

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  4. The holiday season always seems to go by quickly for me – hopefully it is the same for you and you can enjoy it and then be ready for your FET before you know it 🙂

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  5. Wow, so confusing! I hope you can get everything in your schedule to fall into place 🙂

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