FET#1 Update – Ummm….What?!

So, the doctor called…

Apparently…I ovulated! This girl with PCOS ovulated…at the most inconvenient time ever! The 5 weeks of estrogen caused me to develop a follicle and ovulate while I was on Provera, hence why it didn’t work! The 5 cm “cyst” we saw this morning is actually the corpus luteum which forms after ovulation and produces hormones in order to sustain a pregnancy until the placenta can be formed. So what does all this mean? It means I had to trek myself back downtown for blood work (what I was trying to avoid) to have a beta to see if I’m pregnant (um…what?!) and check my progesterone levels.

Stranger things have happened…but…

When we get the results back tomorrow, which I am assuming are negative, we will start me back on Provera again and this time it should work! At the moment, that is all I (kind of) know for certain.


6 responses to “FET#1 Update – Ummm….What?!

  1. Ha ha!! So you COULD BE!! I can’t believe you didn’t POAS! How crazy. So, if you did ovulate do you have to wait for a period and restart birth control?


    • Yeah. I POAS last night and it was negative but it was a cheapo dollar store test so we will see what the blood results say tomorrow. The nurse just called and if the results are negative we are going to start provera and wait for my period and then go back on BCP until the week after Christmas and then do the letrozole prep for transfer mid-January.


  2. Sounds about right! LOL. Praying it is positive though and you can wait for FET.

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  3. Sorry about all the extra crazy!!! HUGS!!!

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