FET#1 Update – 56 Days and Counting…

As I write this, I cannot believe it has almost been 2 months since we started our first FET. This is way longer than anticipated, but alas, expect the unexpected. I called the nurse yesterday morning since it had been 10 days since my last day of Provera and I should have started my period by now. She was a bit concerned but she did say that sometimes it takes a full two weeks so she wants to give it the full 14 days before alerting the doctors or changing any protocols. I am to call her back on Thursday morning if Aunt Flow still hasn’t shown up. I did ask what happens if she doesn’t show as I am worried about timing and the holidays. She said that was a valid concern, but we will cross that bridge when we come to it. She did mention that if this cycle doesn’t work out it might not be a bad idea to take a break and start everything over in the new year…obviously I am not pleased with the option because that is another two months of waiting to be reunited with our snowbabies. Soooo…

I currently have cheese cloth filled with parsley up my hooha. Yes. You read that correctly. Parsley in my lady bits. After my conversation with the nurse I decided that it would drive me crazy to wait another two months, not to mention ruin my favorite time of the year with waiting…so I googled. There is a ton and I mean a TON of studies showing that parsley can help bring on Aunt Flo as long as you aren’t pregnant (check!) and are delayed (check!). It helps with menstruation that is delayed due to hormonal imbalances and emotional stress. Gonna go ahead and say it’s a safe bet that I have both.

I sent Chris to the grocery last night to get me some fresh, organic parsley and cheese cloth then I diligently made the tea as instructed per Dr. Google. Everything I read said the tea tastes really nasty but I didn’t find it that gross. It was completely doable especially with the hope of inducing Aunt Flo. I also wrapped up some parsley in cheese cloth and put it up my lady bits. The oils are supposed to soften the cervix and induce uterine contractions. I am supposed to leave the Parsley In Cheesecloth up there for 10-12 hours a time and then replace it. Some women report getting their periods within 12 hours of drinking the tea and doing the suppository. Some women it can take a day or 2. I am okay with whatever as long as she comes before Thursday morning. I did wake up in the middle of the night and it was time to change the cheesecloth. I had a bit of difficulty getting it out as I didn’t leave a tail or anything to pull. I noticed that there was some blood on the cheesecloth but I don’t know if that means it is working or if I nicked myself trying to get it out. Hoping for the former. I am also cramping worse than I was before. I am trying to meditate and relieve stress as well. I am praying, praying, praying that Aunt Flo starts. I have my whole family praying too. I feel like we have been through enough setbacks that we need a break. We need something, anything, to go our way or as planned.

In other news, I am still sick with this upper respiratory viral plague. I still sound like a frog in a blender, but at least I can now be understood better then before. I have been banned from the office until I am no longer contagious. The last thing anyone needs is me infecting someone who is immunocompromised. I am only able to sleep in the recliner because if I lay down I choke on my own mucus…which is lovely. As I write this, I am surrounded with cough syrups, medicine bottles, blankets, tea and tissues. Aside from being sleepy, it really hasn’t affected my body like the flu or another sickness would. It is all localized and honestly just gross and annoying.

I do feel accomplished from this past weekend though. Chris took me to get my nails done to make me feel better. I think they turned out great! We both also went and go our hair cut. Chris got his normal trim and I got about 6 inches cut off. I was in desperate need of a cut. Amidst all the IVF, I have kind of let myself go and sometimes it makes you feel so much better to be pampered and look and feel pretty. I also dyed my hair yesterday to cover the greys that have emerged thanks to the fertility medications. Then we also go our dog groomed and she looks so pretty. We are all a nice, polished, well-groomed family now! We also did our meal planning and freezer meals so we are all set for the next few weeks with good, healthy, nutritious and easy meals. I will post the recipes on here when I get the chance because they are all so amazing.

That is all for now. Please keep me in your prayers that Aunt Flo arrives and we can start our new protocol! I know each of you knows just how frustrating and saddening it is to be given setback after setback.


7 responses to “FET#1 Update – 56 Days and Counting…

  1. Two shockers here for me: 1) the parsley (obviously), 2) gray hairs from meds?!? say it isn’t so 😦

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  2. Omg, I cant wait to hear about if this home remedy works! Please do tell 😊


  3. I really want to hear if this parsley thing works. It is one of those stories that is completely funny and unfunny all at the same time!!!!!

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