Day 19 – What I Collect

I have started collections of a few things over the years. When I was younger I collected all the commemorative US State quarters, as I think everyone did. That one faded away fairly quickly, I mean, there are only 50 quarters to collect and then you are done. I also collected Beanie Babies, as I think everyone did, and amassed a collection of over 200. They are all currently in my parents attic. I am still convinced they will be worth something someday…maybe…

Currently I collect shot glasses. I have some from places I have been to and others that people have given me as a gift when they have come back from vacation. We have quite a few of them but are always looking to expand the collection.

My favorite collection I have are my Hard Rock Cafe teddy bears. I have been collecting them since I was little and am still adding to them. I have London, Edinburgh, Atlanta and Orlando to name a few. Recently, Prague and Vienna were added to the collection. My ultimate goal is to have a Hard Rock Cafe teddy bear from every Hard Rock Cafe in the world. If you have a Hard Rock Cafe close and want to send me a bear, email me for my address 😉

One I desperately want!

3 responses to “Day 19 – What I Collect

  1. Is this a good or bad time to admit that I am from Sydney? 🙂 hahaha
    Your Beanie Baby collection is certainly impressive, wow. I LOVED Beanie Babies and still love to give them to nieces, nephews and friends kids. They are just a great toy 🙂

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