Day 14 – If I Won the Lottery…

If I won the lottery, I would…

  • Contact an attorney and a financial/investment counselor
  • Pay off our house, car and any other debt
  • Invest a large percentage
  • Give a portion to the Church
  • Give a portion to Susan G. Kommen in my grandmother’s name
  • Buy Chris a Viper (his dream car)
  • Redo our deck
  • Get our basement finished and turned into a Man Cave for Chris
  • Pay our parents back for their assistance with IVF
  • Get a chinchilla
  • Hire a weekly maid
  • Go on vacation to England to see family and then travel around Europe
  • Go on a vacation to Bora Bora
  • Put down hardwood floors in our house
  • Put away a college fund for our children
  • Knock some things off my bucket list

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