Day 8 – What is in my purse?

Well…I haven’t really carried an actual purse for a while now. I carry a tote bag that my company gave me last year. It is nothing fancy but it holds everything I need and is big enough to throw water bottles and ever a Tupperware container or two in there when needed. Currently this is what is in my bag:

  • My phone
  • 3 sets of ear buds (2 are broken)
  • My car keys
  • Spare set of car keys (I have a habit of leaving them in the ignition and then locking them in there)
  • Natural Avenoc hemorrhoid ointment…because…fertility meds…
  • Several prescription medication bottles
  • 2 tubes of lipstick
  • 3 tubes of chap stick
  • 4 peppermints
  • My paperwork from getting my flu shot
  • Sunglasses
  • Burt’s Bees Pink Grapefruit facial cleansing towelettes
  • One sock
  • My wallet
  • My driver’s license (hanging out in the bottom of my bag)
  • My debit card (hanging out in the bottom of my bag)
  • A bottle of 250 Extra Strength Tylenol
  • Floss
  • The manual to our Nikon camera we got 5 months ago
  • The CD to install Nikon camera software (unopened)
  • A package of Icy Hot Medicated Micro Patches
  • St. Gerard prayer card
  • Expired coupons
  • Random old receipts

One response to “Day 8 – What is in my purse?

  1. Oh my gosh I loved this!!! My husband always says I have so much crap in my purse! I think all women have random things like a sock 😂💁🏼💖

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