Day 7 – Pet Peeves

When the toilet paper is under instead of over.

When in an almost empty public restroom and the next person that comes in chooses the stall next to you.

People who talk on their cell phones when using the bathroom in a public restroom. C’mon people, I don’t need to hear your personal convo while doing my business.

People who say “I seen”

Guys who leave the toilet seat up.

The clicking noise made when someone bites their nails

Toe nail clippings on the floor

People who exaggerate stories or tell tall tales

When you open the DVD case and it is empty or a different movie is in it.

People who write “Noone” instead of “No one”.

Dirty dishes in the sink.

How opening any cheap electronic item these days requires cutting up your finger with cheap impossible to open plastic molding covering.

Jerks who take up 2 parking spaces

People who wear too much perfume or cologne

People who don’t know the difference between its/it’s and they’re /their/there.

Drivers who tailgate.

Sick people who cough near you.

Having to use more than one remote control

Unexpected company.

Ignorant people.

Driving somewhere and having the sun in my eyes.

When you have an itch on the bottom of your foot and you can’t scratch it because you have shoes on.

People who don’t dress their age

People who don’t pick up after themselves.

When people say ‘supposebly’ instead of ‘supposedly’.

People who put salt on everything without tasting it first.

People who can’t complete a sentence without saying “you know”.

When people don’t clear the microwave numbers or clean the microwave.

When people ask me for advice and do the opposite of what I tell them.

People who no matter what relate to something you have done and try to “one up” you.

When the person who takes the last of something puts the empty package back.

People who buy animals, only to get rid of them a week later because it was harder to take care of them than they thought.

When you have to walk out of the shower naked because you forgot to bring a towel with you.

Needless meetings.

People who don’t look at you when they are talking, or you are talking to them.

When other people sleep on my pillow.

When you are hanging out with someone and they make plans to do something else right in front of you.

Piling up clothes in the corner of the room instead of putting them in the hamper.

Mispronunciation of words

Having a drawer full of unknown cords, transformers, adapeter, etc.

Shopping carts with a broken wheel.

People who spit on the ground and don’t look first to see if anybody is around.

I hate slow people walking in front of me.

People who stop at the top or bottom of an escalator.

People who brag about how trashed they got the night before.

Unsolicited advice

Parents who have their children on leashes.

PeOpLe WhO tYpE LiKe ThIs.

I hate it when people tickle me.

Things sticking out of drawers

Utility/Cable service people that don’t show up on time.

Using the toilet paper down to the last few squares without getting a new roll.

People who don’t hold the elevator for you.

Motel pillows

When people I don’t know very well at all assume it is okay to call me “hun” or “babe.”

If you pee on the seat, wipe it off.


4 responses to “Day 7 – Pet Peeves

  1. I laughed my entire way through this! I so hear you on most, if not all, of these pet peeves!

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  2. This is hilarious. I’m so with you on the toilet paper!

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  3. It’s like you stole my personal pet peeve list right out of my head! I sooooo agree with these. Especially #1. I don’t care where I am, even someone else’s house, I simply must turn that roll facing the right direction. Good post!

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  4. Hahaha! These are all great!!

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