FET#1 Second Time’s the Charm? E2 and Ultrasound Results

Expect the Unexpected. This has to become my mantra. I have to learn to let things unfold as God intended them to. I need to become okay with not being able to be in control or plan for things. Shit happens…

For the past two weeks, I have been diligently putting five estrogen pills up my hooha twice a day in hopes of thickening my lining enough for transfer. I have endured horrendously swollen feet, serious mood swings and nausea that hasn’t let me eat for days. All waiting for this appointment when I could find out what date we will be reunited with our snowbabies. After 5 weeks on estrogen and a blood estrogen (E2) level of 2840(!!), I just got the call…we are scratching this cycle.

This morning’s ultrasound kind of prepared us for this. My lining had improved. It went from 3.34mm two weeks ago to an average of 6.14mm (thickest at 7.42mm). Ideally my lining needs to be between 8mm-12mm for optimum implantation. I was hoping they would call and say that I just needed one more week on the estrogen…alas that did not happen.

One of Dr. Bohler’s new fellows who scanned me this morning called to break the news. I think the nurse is tired of giving me bad news so she is now pawning that duty off on to other staff members. Dr. G said that Dr. B is not happy with the way my lining looks and that our best bet is to scratch this cycle and start over. Instead of doing the exact same thing, we are taking a new approach. Actually, this approach is so new to the clinic that they have only done it on one other lady before me and that was as a trial because she would be out of town on the day of transfer. In her case, the protocol worked beautifully. So…what are we going to do? It is actually a more natural cycle which is nice. Here is the breakdown:

  • Today: Stop taking Estrogen and begin Provera to bring on Aunt Flo
  • Take Provera for 10 days (or until AF is strong)
  • CD3 come into clinic for baseline blood work and ultrasound. At this appointment they will give me the prescription for Letrozole.
  • CD3- CD7 take Letrozole to produce a follicle. This medication is an oral pill similar to Clomid that is used to induce ovulation for IUIs.
  • CD8 begin taking one estrogen pill by mouth a day
  • CD12 come into clinic for blood work and ultrasound to make sure I have a follicle growing
  • CD12 if everything looks good I will be given an HCG shot to induce ovulation
  • After ovulation, will use 1 Crinone applicator a day for progesterone support
  • 5 – 6 days after ovulation we will go in for transfer

Okay, so I know its a bit confusing. It is an IUI/FET hybrid, however there are some major pros to this protocol

  1. My lining reacted VERY well to the Gonal F during the fresh cycles so my likelihood of it reacting well to Letrozole is very high
  2. It is a more natural cycle using more of my body’s naturally produced hormones rather than pumping it full of synthetic hormones
  3. I won’t have to do PIO shots!!!!

Am I sad that our transfer will be postponed? Of course I am. I want to be reunited with our snowbabies as soon as possible. But I don’t want to put them into an environment where they don’t have a good chance of sticking and becoming our children. I will wait just a little longer if it means that improves our chances of getting to meet them and see their little faces one day. I am glad that the estrogen is over with and I can get back to somewhat of a semblance of normal life. I also believe that using my natural hormones will help. So the call to cancel this cycle was bittersweet, but I believe it is for the best. I am more positive about this new protocol. If you have had any experience with this type of protocol, whether IUI or FET, please let me know!


4 responses to “FET#1 Second Time’s the Charm? E2 and Ultrasound Results

  1. You seem to be handling everything pretty well, given the disappointment of having to cancel this cycle! Your new protocol sounds promising… will keep my fingers crossed that it works for you!!

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  2. Sorry to hear your cycle was canceled, but it sounds like this new protocol may be a better fit. Thanks for the detailed outline and good luck!

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  3. So sorry but sounds like the decision was made for all the right reasons!!

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  4. hugs! Glad to hear that you won’t have to do PIO!!!

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