Day 6 – My 5 Senses Right Now

At Work 10 AM:

  • I see my cluttered desk with my laptop and large monitor and wires all around. My clutter of notepads and papers stacked messily off to the right. I see the background on my laptop of White Coffee Cat. I see the little decorations I have lined up: a Minion, Dancing Baby Groot, a Minecraft Ocelot and a little trophy for getting the highest amount of points in this week’s work fantasy football league.
  • I hear the clicking of typing on keyboards and the not-so-soft drone of the white noise machine above my head. I hear some coworkers whispering and others on conference call. I hear the occasional cough and sneeze that reminds me that Fall is slowly approaching Winter.
  • I feel the ergonomic shape of my mouse fitting comfortably in my hand. I feel my feet beginning to swell as has become the norm for this time of day. I feel the warmth and comfort of my new cardigan. I feel a headache brewing along with allergies due to the changing weather.
  • I taste the leftover remnants of my daily morning cup of coffee and resist the urge to have a second cup.
  • I smell bacon coming from the break room that someone must have made for breakfast which is making me equally hungry and nauseated.

At Home 9 PM:

  • I see my handsome husband sleeping peacefully beside me and wonder what he is dreaming about. I see the darkness enveloping us as if we were all alone in our own little universe. The darkness washes over me and comforts me. 
  • I hear my husband’s soft, steady, rhythmic breath with an occasional snore. I hear our air purifier providing white noise. I hear our cats meowing and playing with each other downstairs. 
  • I feel the cold air from the fan blowing on my face. I feel our mattress strong and sturdy beneath me holding me up and supporting me. I feel our soft duvet cover wrapped around me like a cocoon. 
  • I taste Sprite as I have been drinking it in order to soothe my queasy stomach. 
  • I smell the lavender detergent on our freshly washed sheets. 

One response to “Day 6 – My 5 Senses Right Now

  1. Dude, I am totally jealous of your Dancing Baby Groot!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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