FET#1 Days 22 – 29

The past week has been exhausting. Last Thursday, the first full day after upping my Estrace from 6mg to 10mg a day, I had a really bad headache. I do get migraines and I have had them since I was 11. This wasn’t one. And my migraine medicine wouldn’t touch it. I almost wish it had been a migraine because I know how to treat those. This was the mother of all headaches and it moved around. It was banded across my forehead, then moved to the back of my neck, then to my temples. Nothing I did gave me any relief. I did go to acupuncture to help thicken my lining and being in a dark, cold room for a bit did help. That afternoon I kept getting immense hot flashes. When I got home from work, I immediately went to lay down and I ended up sleeping from 4pm – 7pm when Chris woke me up to eat dinner. I then fell back asleep from 8pm-6am. I guess my body needed the rest. Since then I haven’t had a headache so I am hoping that that was just my body adjusting to the increased dosage.

We had a nice relaxing weekend. We did some cleaning and finally got all of our laundry taken care of. It’s amazing how much of a relief that is when everything is fresh, clean, folded and put away. I worked on my painting for most of the day on Saturday and then Sunday morning we went to a local popular farm and picked pumpkins. We got a mommy pumpkin, a daddy pumpkin and two baby pumpkins for our snowbabies that we will soon be reunited with. We also bought some apples and honey. Their honey is so amazing. It was a nice morning for a drive too as the farm is about an hour away.

Monday my feet began swelling. When Chris came home he surprised me with compression socks…and I cried. I just kept repeating “That was so thoughtful.” And I bawled…yay estrogen! Tuesday my feet swelled up faster and were quite large and painful by 8am so I emailed the nurse. The doctor wanted me to come in so they could evaluate the swelling. Since it is in both feet and mainly localized to my ankles and feet, I am at low risk for DVT thank goodness. I know what the symptoms are and am to call immediately if I get any of them. They didn’t want to reduce the estrogen and basically just said to keep them elevated and drink lots of water. I am already drinking about a gallon of water a day so I am not sure how much more I can drink. I already eat a low sodium diet and don’t add salt to anything. I asked if they could go ahead and scan me while I am there to see if there is any progress on my lining, but they said that I might as well wait until next Tuesday. Dr. Bohler is a strange dude. He has an interesting personality. He did say that if my lining isn’t thick enough on Tuesday he does have an idea in the back of his head. When I asked him about it he was being coy and said it was going to stay there for now. I said “Why? Is it something I am not going to like?” and he just responded that it might delay the FET even more. Well, we are going to hope it doesn’t come to that, although a delay is better then a cancellation so I will take what I can get.

 I got to work from home a few days this week in order to keep my feet propped up and today is the first day back in the office. They swelled up so fast! I am wearing compression socks and I took my shoes off when I got here. Just simple flats. Within an hour my feet would no longer fit into my shoes. Hopefully this isn’t indicative of how pregnancy will agree with me because if so then I won’t be able to walk after a few months! Overall my emotions have been a bit better. I haven’t been crying as much so that is a plus. I have sensed that a coworker has been pregnant for some time now and when I asked other coworkers if she was everyone said no. She then came out and said she is expecting baby number 2 in March. I guess I have a spidey sense. Maybe it’s all these hormones that are making me super in tune to other people. I am happy for her, but at the same time I had a “Why not me?” moment. Then to rub salt in the wound an old coworker just saw me with my feet propped up and told me “Congratulations!” When I asked what for, he responded “You’re pregnant.” Cue dumbfounded look. I simply replied “Nope, not yet. Going through IVF that’s why my feet are swollen.” I’m sure he immediately put his foot in his mouth, but it made me feel bad. I am a very open person and will let you know about every aspect of this journey. More than you might want to know. Please don’t assume I am pregnant. Believe me, once I am pregnant everyone will know…new and old coworkers alike.

 So that has been my week in a nutshell. I have had some ups and downs, but I have been doing better mentally and emotionally. I am taking everything in stride. Right now I am more positive and optimistic than I have been recently. I am looking forward to our appointment on Tuesday and I pray that my lining is where it needs to be and we don’t have to find out what is in the back of Dr. Bohler’s head! We had Chinese the other day and this was my fortune 🙂


5 responses to “FET#1 Days 22 – 29

  1. People are sooooo stupid, omg! In what world is that ever okay?? Ugh, I’m sorry!

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  2. Estrogen headaches are the worst! Sorry, sometimes people say the dumbest things.

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  3. Oh my gosh your poor feet. They look like they hurt! Fingers crossed for a beautiful lining!!!

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  4. I too loathe Estrace and migraines. Especially together! Here’s to a better day today and for your coworkers to get a clue 🙂

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  5. Looks like my feet in summer; even without pregnancy!

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