FET#1 Days 9 – 14 – More Meds

So it has been about a week since I last posted. Honestly there hasn’t really been that much to tell, except my ranting and ravings as a lunatic on estrogen. I started taking the estrogen vaginally instead of orally and am happy to report that I no longer have nausea and can eat regular meals without them coming back up! I also am not as crazy as I was the first week. Still crazy…just not as crazy. Example: Last Thursday I was sitting at my desk at work and for whatever reason, I thought of the Sarah McLachlan ASPCA commercials with the sad kittens and puppies and I started crying. My boss looked at me, like what happened? And I had to explain that nothing happened, that commercial just popped into my head and made me cry.

I called the fertility pharmacy to order the Progesterone in Oil and Crinone. I had been putting it off because I know the cost was going to ruin my mood…you ladies know what I am talking about. For those that haven’t had to be on Crinone, it is expensive…and I will be on it twice a day until the 11th week of pregnancy which should be around Christmas. Each dose is around $20 so do the math on that and it’s $3,600. Ouch! That is how much ALL the meds for the stimming cycle cost! Well, it was a long shot but I talked to my insurance company to see if they would cover it since technically it’s not a fertility medication, it is a hormonal supplement. Well, they said it would require a prior authorization and we went through that process. I wasn’t expecting them to cover much if anything. The pharmacy called me the next morning and said that my insurance is covering 4 boxes of 15 applicators for 30 days! That is $1,200 worth of medication at zero cost to us! Cue happy dance! Also, my doctor ordered me Progesterone in Cottonseed Oil this time around because I had a bit of a reaction to the sesame seed oil last time. This is also supposed to be thinner so maybe, just maybe it won’t hurt as bad! I am not looking forward to the PIO shots again. I was thinking back to how miserable and sore my booty was after just 14 days of them last time and this time around I get the pleasure of having them for 90 days. I will get through it, just like I have gotten through everything else. I am just not all excited about that part.

In other news, we had a lazy Saturday and it was amazing. It seemed that we both rotated off taking naps because we were so tired. It was nice to have a peaceful and quiet house while Chris was sleeping. I got some painting done and was able to decompress a little and relax. Then on Sunday it was so beautiful outside that we did a lot of landscaping work. Chris handled the yard and I got to play with our new toy – a hedge trimmer! Those things are amazing (I never thought I would say that about a landscaping tool). I am very OCD and like things very, very even and just right and this tool helped me do it perfectly and quickly! Now the front of our house looks nice and pretty! We also cut back all the dying rose bushes on the side of our house and weeded the area. We have definitely been feeling sore from all the work we did but it looks great! Now…the inside of the house, not so much. We have to get that in order before transfer or I will drive myself crazy looking at it and not being able to clean it.

Last, but not least, we had a family trip to the doctor yesterday to get our flu shots. We were told by our IVF nurse to get them at least 2 weeks prior to transfer so it has enough time to build up protection in our systems. Normally I freak out at flu shots and refuse to look at the needle. This time I saw the needle and was like “What? That’s tiny!” and I hardly felt the shot at all. Maybe this whole IVF (specifically PIO) thing is curing me of my fear of needles! Or maybe at this point I am just too tired to care much anymore! Either way it is making doctor’s visits a little less stressful for me so I will take it.

As for how I am feeling? I am taking it day by day, hour by hour. The estrogen is really playing with my emotions and my ability to remain positive. I am excited about the transfer, but I don’t feel I am excited as I was last time. I attribute that to the hormones making me feel down and anxious. I am hoping as the date gets closer that I will become more excited. I just don’t really know what to say right now. I don’t want to sound like a downer because I am not. I am more just tired right now. Mentally. Physically. Emotionally. I feel like very little thing requires so much more effort and all I want to do is close my eyes and sleep until its time to transfer.



2 responses to “FET#1 Days 9 – 14 – More Meds

  1. Welcome to the More Meds club. You’re in good company 🙂 My insurance covered my Crinone too, at least initially. We’ll take whatever breaks we can get, right? I’ve already spent an easy 10k on meds so I totally feel your pain. And hooray for estrogen pills up the hooha and less emotional side effects!

    p.s. Sara McLaughlin SPCA commercials ruin my day too.

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  2. Damn estrogen! When you calculated out the totals for the costs, my eyes got so huge. I’ve never actually calculated that, geez! You are so lucky your insurance covers the crinone! That’s awesome. I love the picture of the puppy. Sarah McLaughlin commercials always make me bawl–I feel ya!

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