FET#1 Day 8 – Put What Where??

So today has been a day. I worked from home today and noticed that one of my cats, my youngest and my baby, was being extra clingy. I have noticed it on and off over the last week, but I was just enjoying the extra cuddles. I felt his ears and they were hot. I called the vet and they wanted me to bring him in but I had to wait an hour because I had a conference call. The estrogen had me super emotional, again, so I was freaking out imagining worst case scenerio. I was beating myself up for being a bad mommy and not taking him to the vet sooner when he started being so clingy. Of course all the worrying was for naught, Marley is fine. He does have an ear infection and we have to give him medicine, but he is otherwise healthy. And fat. We did get a talking to from the vet about his weight. He is 20lbs…so maybe a diet is in order…

So while Marley was at the vet, my anxiety went crazy and so did the nausea. I ended up throwing up three times and couldn’t keep anything down. I finally had had enough and called the nurse to ask for something to help with it. I can handle the other side effects if I am able to keep food down and keep my body fueled. I was expecting to leave a voicemail but she answered after the second ring. Immediately upon asking for something for the nausea, she says nonchalantly “you need to switch to taking then vaginally”…um…what? At this point nothing should surprise me, but this did. I fully expect to have to take medications through that route but I expected them to be suppositories or capsules. These are small little chalky blue pills. That I am now supposed to stick up my hooha…but on the plus side it should help my nausea, so there’s that. I will say that tonight’s dose was interesting. But not as nauseated as usual! Yay!

That brings us to tonight. Not going to lie, I was concerned if I would be able to keep it together tonight. I had to go to a work event with Chris’s coworkers. Amongst them, one is pregnant (who found out as we found out of first IVF failed) and another has a three month old (who was born around the day of egg retrieval number 1). I didn’t know how I would feel being around them and being around the baby. Both women are very sweet and very supportive of our journey. They are both followers of our blog and offer encouragement and support at every time (Hi guys!). All that aside, I was afraid the estrogen would take over and I would be a mess. I held it together well. As much as I wanted to hold the baby, I knew if I did that the tears would start and I didn’t want that to happen in front of my husband’s boss. Luckily, we are very open and everyone knows what is going on so I’m sure they would have understood. It would have just been a little humiliating. I am doing better now that it’s over. It was nice to see them and talk with everyone, just not all that easy for me to keep a brave face for a long time. 

Overall I am hoping this new route of estrogen will help, so far so good. I am taking one day at a time and keeping my eye on the prize!


Random and unrelated but it makes me laugh everytime and I need that 🙂

P.S. If you take estrogen vaginally, wear a panty liner. I just found out I stained my undies blue…womp womp…


3 responses to “FET#1 Day 8 – Put What Where??

  1. I’m so glad your kitty is alright! You’re a great cat mom! Don’t doubt it! I know it had to be hard being around the pregnant woman and a baby, but you’re definitely brave for doing it!

    Sending you lots of positive thoughts and gentle hugs!


  2. Thanks for the blue undie tip!

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  3. I have the vaginal estrogen pills too. Try lying down for 15 – 20 minutes after you insert one. That will help ease some of the blue spotting. It won’t make it go away completely, you’ll still need the pantiliners, but it should help. The good news about the vaginal estrogen pills is that you fully absorb the entire dosage without having the crazy emotional part of the hormone raging through you. Peace:)


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