FET#1 Baseline Ultrasound and Blood Work

The past few weeks have felt sooooo long. It feels like it has been far more than 3 1/2 weeks since our egg retrieval. It feels like we have been waiting for much longer to start our FET. I think part of it has been because my parents have been overseas and I have been missing them. Side note: my parents went to Saltzburg (Mozart’s birth place) and bought us a baby’s first Mozart CD to play for the babies while they are growing in utero! Some people may see this as jinxing us, but I see it as good luck! 

We have accomplished a lot in the past few weeks. We have done some painting around the house and organized several rooms. I think I am nesting as well as wanting to pass the time. 

Anyways, today finally arrived! Today we got to go in for our baseline ultrasound and blood work to make sure everything is back to normal and that we could get the green light to start estrogen on Wednesday. The blood work part went off without a hitch. I didn’t even feel the needle this time! Maybe the IVF process really is breaking my fear of needles!

Next up, ultrasound. As usual, my uterus was being finicky and was hard to see. Once the tech finally got it in her sights, my lining looked great. My right ovary looked good and I believe there were 22 antral follicles on it. It has definitely gone down in size. Then she looks at my left ovary and immediately I see what looks like a cyst. My left ovary is the money maker. That is the one we got 12 out of the 14 eggs from. I was expecting it to still be a little big since it was so huge at retrieval 3 weeks ago. There were three areas that she measured that looked like large follicles or cysts. They were all about 2 cm in diameter. Instead of looking black in the screen (meaning filled with fluid) they were gray and grainy. 


How I felt when I saw the ultrasound

We left the appointment and I was upset. I was afraid that the cycle would be cancelled and we would have to continue waiting. I hate that the ultrasound tech isn’t allowed to comment on what she sees. So I get into my car in the parking garage. Chris leaves to go back to work since his building is only a few blocks away. I was looking, I swear…but I got into a little car accident. I backed into an old couple’s car as they were backing out too. Everyone is okay and there wasn’t much damage at all. The little old man was cracking jokes. After we exchanged information and parted ways, I finally got a hold of Chris and I just started bawling. I was scared of what we saw on the ultrasound and now shaken up because of the car accident. All before 9am on a Monday  morning! What a way to start the week. 

The rest of the morning I spent working and looking up ovarian cysts on my breaks. By the time the nurse called I had sufficiently freaked myself out thanks to Dr. Google…I know, I know…I will never learn. The nurse said everything looked good and all my levels were great. She gave us the green light to start estrogen on Wednesday. I asked about those spots that I saw on the ultrasound and she said those were bruises since we got so many eggs from that ovary and I had so much pain and discomfort after (for that story click here). She said that it was expected and completely normal. I breathed a huge sigh of relief!!

So after an eventful and stressful day, all is well…except the paint on my car. We are all set to go and are so excited to be reunited with our snowbabies in a little over a month!!



4 responses to “FET#1 Baseline Ultrasound and Blood Work

  1. yey to start of new cycle!!! Wishing you much luck as you begin your FET 🙂

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  2. What a day!
    Here’s to hoping the rest of your week is much better 🙂

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  3. That sounds like a really rough day!

    But yayyyyyy! Everything looked good! I’m super excited for you! Wish you all the luck in the world!

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  4. YAY! So glad that Dr Google was wrong 🙂 Woohoo 🙂

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