FET#1 The Plan

We finally received the paperwork in the mail that has a calendar of what medication to take and when. It is an extremely detailed piece of paper. Far more detailed than the paperwork for a fresh IVF cycle! I guess that’s because I took all the same meds at the same time every day. So here is the official plan:

  • Current Medications: Prenatal Vitamins, Folic Acid 2mg, low dose Aspirin 81mg, NuvaRing (simply personal preference to OCPs)
  • Monday August 31st – Baseline ultrasound and blood work to make sure my estrogen has returned to normal, that my ovaries are no longer the size of softballs and that I have no cysts. If any of those are present or abnormal we will have to wait another cycle. I am a bit apprehensive because I have been feeling some twinges that could indicate cysts, but I am choosing to be positive and believe they are nothing!
  • September 2nd – start taking oral estrogen pills 3 times in the morning and 3 times at night every day.
  • September 23rd – Monitoring ultrasound and blood work to check my estrogen level and thickness of my lining. Based on these results I will either be given a date to move onto taking progesterone or I will have to have my oral estrogen increased and possible add estrogen patches (anyone remember the craziness that I experienced on the estrogen patches?! My husband can never unsee the things I did).
  • Date to be determined – when my estrogen level is where it is supposed to be and my lining is nice and thick and ready for our babies, then I will begin nightly Progesterone in Oil shots 1mg. In addition to the shots, I will also be on Crinone 8% vaginal gel suppositories twice a day. Once in the morning and once at night. I have to remain laying down for 1 hour after each dose. I think I would rather have more PIO shots then have to deal with this Crinone. However, ask me a few weeks after the PIO shots have begun, I may be changing my tune.
  • Week of October 5th – this is our anticipated transfer. We are planning on transfering both embryos. We are literally putting all our our eggs in my basket…again. I have been prescribed 2 Valium. One to take 30 mins before leaving the house and the other to take when I get there. This is to help calm my uterus so it doesn’t contract. Uterine contractions during transfers are bad as the uterus can push the embryos out. So I will be nice and relaxed for our procedure.
  • From there we will be given a day for our first beta!!
  • If we get a positive beta, we will have to continue the 3 estrogen pills twice a day, Crinone twice a day and nightly PIO shots through the 11th week of pregnancy. This will fall the week before Christmas!! I would love a Christmas present of no more PIO shots!! Christmas is my favorite season (I used to put up the Christmas tree at Labor Day and have been told by coworkers that I am a real life Buddy the Elf). It would be serendipitous to be entering our second trimester the week of Christmas.

So, that is all I have at the moment. I am waiting until mid-September to order the PIO and Crinone. The nurse said she had some samples to give me since those little guys are like $20 a dose! I don’t want to do the math on $20 a dose twice a day for 12 weeks…so please, bring on the samples!!

In the meantime we have been working on the house. We have the bathroom and bedroom redone. I will post pictures soon! We have been taking the time to catch up with friends and enjoy being “normal” for a little longer before the craziness starts back up. Luckily, an FET seems less stressful than a fresh cycle so I am looking forward to that!! We are so excited to start this next step!!


7 responses to “FET#1 The Plan

  1. Exciting times ahead!!!

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  2. Sounds great! I wish we could have done a FET but didn’t have enough embryos. I think it sounds a lot less stressful! 🙂

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  3. Good luck!!!! I found FETs to be a lot “easier” than a fresh cycle!

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  4. Wishing you all the best for a successful cycle!

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