We Have Snowbabies!

Quick update on our embryos’ progress. I recieved a call from the embryologist this morning and out of the five embryos we had on Day 3, we have two frozen snowbabies. Here is the breakdown:

  • 2 embryos arrested development after Day 3
  • 1 embryo made it to Day 5 and became a blastocyst, however it was of low quality and wouldn’t survive the freeze
  • 1 embryo made it to blastocyst on Day 5 (yesterday) and was frozen. It was graded 3BB-.
  • 1 embryo made it to blastocyst on Day 6 (today) and was frozen. It was graded 3BB.

I somewhat knew what the grades meant but my embryologist explained it a bit better and how he grades the blastocysts. The first number he gives a 1-3 based on the expansion of the blastocyst, or how close it is to hatching. The highest grade he gives for expansion is 3, so our snowbabies are ready to hatch! The first letter refers to the cell mass that is going to become the baby and the second letter refers to the cell mass that is going to become the placenta. The highest grade that can be given is an A and my embryologist rarely gives those as he considers A to be perfection. So B is a very, very good quality!! 

We now have two snowbabies that have grown to good quality blastocysts and are safely in the freezer. I feel like we have reached a huge milestone and we can breathe a sigh of relief! Even though we made it to transfer last time, we didn’t make it this far in our embryos growth. 

Now, since Aunt Flo showed up today, I will call and schedule a baseline ultrasound and blood work for two weeks out. Then if everything is okay we can begin estrogen for our FET!! I am so happy we made this milestone!! I feel so relieved and can focus on my health for the next few weeks in preparation for housing those snowbabies until next May/June!!!

How I imagine our embryologist freezes embryos


14 responses to “We Have Snowbabies!

  1. Yay!! Now, “do you want to build a snowmannnnnnnn?” (Sorry, with the Frozen pic I couldn’t resist)! Best of luck to you guys!

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  2. Yay for 2 very good quality embies 🙂

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  3. That’s awesome!!! Congrats!

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  4. That’s awesome news! 😊


  5. Congrats on having some snowbabies make it!

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  6. YAY! I love it. It is funny because I also imagine Elsa when I think about my hopefully future snowembies 🙂

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  8. Amazing news!! Congratulations!

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  9. Are you going to do do both embryos at once?

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  10. Yay! Great news…you get to breath now and best of luck with the transfer when you are ready! Congrats x

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