IVF#2 Embryos – Day 3

Good afternoon, everyone! We received an update from our embryologist. As a reminder, when he called on Thursday, out of the 14 eggs retrieved, 5 had become good strong embryos. Today is Day 3 and all 5 embryos are still growing!! Here is the breakdown: 

  • 2 very good quality, minimal fragmentation, 6-8 cells
  • 2 good quality, some fragmentation, 6-8 cells
  • 1 good quality, some fragmentation, less than 6 cells

Yay!! That is a great report!! He will check in the on Monday which is Day 5. He will then call Tuesday afternoon with the final report and how many made it to freeze! Fingers crossed they continue to grow good and strong! 



4 responses to “IVF#2 Embryos – Day 3

  1. Yay! Grow, babies, grow!! So excited for you guys.

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  2. Fantastic news!!! Everything crossed for you XX

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  3. Good update! Grow little ones….

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  4. YAYYYYYYYYYYY, awesome news!!!!!!! ❤

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