ER Update 2.0

Last night was rough. I didn’t sleep well. The only position that was mildly comfortable was flat on my back with my legs bent to the side like a frog. This was the only position that didn’t stretch or put pressure on my lower abdomen. Even with the Percot, the pain was very, very present. I got up to use the restroom in the middle of the night and didn’t known if I was going to make it or not. It was incredibly difficult to walk. I was walking on my tip toes and a bit hunched over. I am sure I looked like a little old lady.

Before leaving for work Chris woke me up to see how I was feeling and if I needed any pain medication. I was not feeling well at all but waited a bit to take the Percocet because I wanted to be able to judge my pain and compare it to last night so I knew what to tell the doctor. I was able to speak to my parents who are currently in England and let them know what’s going on. I called and left a voicemail for the nurse about 7am. I let her know that I was feeling incremently better. Meaning that I was still in a lot of pain but this morning I could reach and wipe myself when using the restroom and last night I couldn’t. I could also walk a tad bit faster this morning. I then took a Percocet and worked for a bit.

Around 9:30 or so the doctor calls me to ask how I am doing. I told her I was a bit better. She said she expected me to be a lot better, not just a bit better and asked that I come in for an ultrasound with the machine that works. I agreed and told her I would be there as soon as possible. Well I am in no state to drive myself and Chris is at work. I called my brother to come get me and take me downtown. Luckily Chris works a block away so he could meet us there. The whole situation would have reached new levels of awkwardness had my brother had to hold my hand through the painful ultrasound. 

When we arrived everyone was ready for us. We weighed me on the same scale as yesterday to see the fluctuation. I am 5 lbs heavier on the same scale this morning as I was yesterday. We had the same nurse measure my waist and hips (for continuity) and my hips were the same but my waist has increase 1″ since yesterday morning. My blood pressure looked good and my pulse was better than last night. We were then taken to ultrasound. It took the ultrasound tech a few minutes to locate blood flow in my right ovary but she was finally able to. My right ovary was still tucked behind my retrograded uterus and “posterior to the cervix”. It was also kissing my left ovary. It had not gotten bigger since last night which is good because if it had been torsed it would be filled with blood and much larger. 

I am all clear for all the scary stuff! No internal bleeding, no OHSS and no ovarian torsion!! My ovaries are just very, very large and swollen and they have moved into an uncomfortable position with my uterus. Basically everything down there is swollen and all piled on top of one another which is why when I bend over even a bit, it hurts so bad because it’s squishing everything even closer together! As for the sharp side/back pain on my right side, it appears that I pulled something during the procedure yesterday. Based on where it’s located they said it can sometimes happen since I was in the leg stirrups for 45 mins with dead weight on my hip. If it was twisted at all a little funny before going under anesthesia then it could be painful for a while after. 

After we were were scanned we were taken to see Dr. Bohler just as a check up. He said everything looks okay and that it was good of me to come in. I was concerned I had cried wolf, but I consider myself pretty tolerant to pain given my history of gallstones and kidney stones and this pain was bad. He reassured me that if anything changes to just call and come back in. One of the other fellows on our case is the on call doctor this weekend so if we need anything she told us to call. Anything at all. It is really comforting to have such kind and caring doctors. They have really taken their time with us and it is so appreciated. 

So, what now? I am to take my pain medication regularly and use a heating pad. I have to drink a LOT of coconut water and Gatorade. I am to take it easy…and I mean easy! Like not even allowed to do house work or pick up a cat. I also have to get an abdominal binder which is basically a giant ace bandage for my belly. This will help keep everything nice and right and secure and prevent the pain I feel when my ovaries jiggle from any little movement.

There it is! The conclusion to my 24 hours of pain and discomfort, multiple needle pokes and scans and several doctors visits. It is now time for my medicine so I will take that and lay down. Thank you all for the kind words and prayers through out this scare!!



10 responses to “ER Update 2.0

  1. That sounds awful! I hope you can relax, rest, and make a quick recovery! All of the pain will be worth it in the end 🙂

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  2. sewingbutterfly

    Glad to hear it wasn’t serious. Hope you feel better soon!

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  3. I am glad everything is going to be ok and it soothing too serious. I will say I have had OHSS twice now and when they say drink a ton of Gatorade, drink well over 2 gallons a day! If you do that it will help promise! Take it easy.

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  4. Oww! That sounds very uncomfortable. I hope you feel better very soon. 💞

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  5. Oh my goodness I am so relieved for you that your ovary isn’t twisted. This whole process is so hard on our bodies 😐 I thought it was crazy to be drinking so much fluids, I made the mistake of buying a bulk pack of raspberry powerade. By day 3 I was sick to my stomach of raspberry I wanted to gag at the smell!!!. So I sent Chris out to get some different flavours!!!! I hope you start to feel better soon, sending you good wishes for a full recovery.

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  6. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

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