IVF#2 The Day Before Retrieval

Finally a day with no shots! Well…the jury is still out on if I need more HCG, but the nurse said if I didn’t hear from her then everything with my bloodwork was fine. It’s 3PM and she usually calls by now so I am assuming everything is good to go! Thank goodness…the next time I will be stuck with a needle is for an IV and then I will be given the happy drugs and will no longer care! Then I get a whole month before we have to do the dreaded PIO shots. 

This morning’s blood work did get a bit dramatic. We have been using the same vein for all my blood draws since my best vein blew when they tried to insert the IV last time and that was a whole thing of crying. It wasn’t pretty. This time we have been saving my good vein for the IV and therefore my other semi-good vein has gotten all the pokes and is very sore. I was already feeling a bit weak and nauseated before we were called back. The the phlebotomist had me confirm what blood work was needed and it was wrong, so that had to be confirmed with the nurse. The tourniquet had to be put on extra tight because my vein was a bit deflated. For a needlephobe, the whole situation was a whole lot of nope. The needle hurt badly the entire time because the vein was so sore and she had to draw three vials of blood. I did my breathing exercises but I still felt very faint and got clammy. On the way out of the office I had to sit down for a bit. I hate being a needlephobe and I have done surprisingly well through out the past two cycles. 

In other news, I truly wonder how large my ovaries are because I can feel them every.time.I.move. I cannot sit straight up anymore without feeling pressure and discomfort. Using the restroom makes me feel like they are going to fall out. It makes me feel good to know that my body responded well to the medications this time and that is the reason these sensations, discomfort and pain are more magnified this time around. Doesn’t mean I like feeling this way. Quite frankly it’s miserable. But I know that this time tomorrow I will have forgotten all the pain and discomfort because we will know how many eggs we have and then Thursday morning we will know how many embryos are growing. That is what makes all of this worth it. Pain is temporary. 



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