IVF#2 It’s Trigger Time!!!

The time has come! We triggered at exactly 7:30 PM tonight for retrieval at 7:30 AM on Wednesday. Because we are doing a Lupron trigger we had a two step process. 

First, we went ahead and got the dreaded booty shot out of the way. We injected 1,000mcg in 1ml solution of Novarel using a 22 gauge needle! Yikes! And it felt about as good as it sounds! Step two was the Lupron trigger of 40 units. That was a tiny insulting needle in the stomach. Easy peasy after the big booty shot!

Now there will be no more shots for a while…hopefully. I do have to have blood work tomorrow morning to make sure that there was enough HCG to adequately trigger me. If not then we will have to inject more…blah! Otherwise we are good to go!!



One response to “IVF#2 It’s Trigger Time!!!

  1. Hope you don’t need anymore of that stuff! Sending you lots of luck for tomorrow 😊

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