IVF#2 Follicle Update #3 – Blood Work and Ultrasound

I am so happy that we made it to a third monitoring appointment! This time last time we had already triggered. I am so thankful that we have been able to let the follicle grow more so we can have a better outcome.

My mom drove me to our appointment downtown since Chris couldn’t work from home today and I don’t feel comfortable driving with this brain fog I have been having.

Mother Daughter selfie

I don’t have the estradiol (E2) results yet. I will update the post with them when the nurse calls this afternoon. The ultrasound was great! We have about 12 follicles between 17mm-23mm which is exactly where we want them to be. I am assuming we will be triggering tonight with the Lupron trigger and 1,000mcg of HCG. Retrieval will be on Wednesday.

So glad all this misery is showing results!! We are almost there!!

Update: Estradiol (E2) is 2950!! We are triggering tonight at 7:30 and retrieval is Wednesday at 7:30 am!



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