IVF#2 Stimming Day 9 – Are we there yet?

I’m over it. I’m ready for these eggs to come out and for me to feel somewhat normal again. I am very surprised I haven’t become the emotional monster I was last time, but man oh man am I miserable! I am writing this a day late and I can’t even remember how yesterday went! This brain fog and forgetfulness is real!

As I try and recall yesterday, I am blanking out. It is really like someone erased my memory of the last few days. Maybe that is a bit of medical trickery and they do that so you don’t remember how awful you feel. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why we blog. So we DO remember, because this sucks! My positive attitude has been all but sapped dry. Maybe I shouldn’t word it that way. I am still positive regarding the outcome of the retrieval and getting our embryos. I am no longer happy, positive, perky person at this moment because my body is pumped full of hormones and I feel at any moment I am going to pop an ovary or vomit up everything I have managed to keep down for the past few days. 

We continued on our Gonal F (225iu), Menopur (75iu) and Cetrotide. Menopur didn’t burn one bit this time. It was strange and actually had me questioning whether I mixed it right (even though it’s pretty idiot-proof). Loving this lidocaine and ice combination we have discovered. I hope that works for the PIO when it comes to that. 

Side effects…way too many to remember…did I mention forgetfulness is a thing? Basically everything from the past few days compounded times ten. Fatigue, nausea, brain fog, forgetfulness, sore breasts, achy, flu-like symptoms, headache, abdominal pain, bloating and the yeast infection is still present. I talked to my nurse and since I cannot use Monistat yet she recommended I use coconut oil. Wait…you want me to out coconut oil where? At this point, nothing should surprise me and when a nurse tells me to shove something here or stick a needle there, I don’t even really question anymore. It’s like blind faith. Infertility makes you want an answer so badly that you are brainwashed to believe anything and everything. You want me to hop on one foot, rotating counter-clockwise at exactly 2:38 am while chanting under a harvest moon and then kiss a blue toad? Okay, if it helps me get our baby, I’ll do it! That might seem like an exaggeration but my ladies in the TTC and infertility community know what I am talking about. Oh! But by the way, the coconut oil definitely helps. For future reference, stock up on some for stimming because it will make you so much more comfortable!

Okay, rambling is over for now! I can no longer keep my eyes open…



One response to “IVF#2 Stimming Day 9 – Are we there yet?

  1. You are almost there! You got this!

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