IVF#2 Follicle Update #1 – Blood Work and Ultrasound

This post is a little late, but I have finally gotten up the energy to write and I will make this short and sweet. We had our first monitoring appointment for blood work and ultrasound on Wed. 7/29. Our normal ultrasound tech was in the room, but she was training a new person and they did the ultrasound. The very first thing we saw was my uterus plunging away as it always is. I know that it is retrograded but I am not entirely sure what they mean when they say “plunging”. Normally when looking at an ultrasound the uterus is somewhat horizantal and mine was vertical.

As soon as the tech got to my right ovary I saw there was a LOT more progress than there was this time last cycle (for that post click here). Between my left and right ovaries there were a total of 10 follicles over 10mm. The biggest was 14mm I believe. But the follicles were all grouped nicely together in size versus last time when we had two lead follicles. There were also a bunch of follicles that were right under 10mm. In total, I had 15 follicles on my right and 20 follicles on my left! In addition, my estradoil (E2) level is already in the 500s so we are doing much better than last time.

I go in for my second monitoring appointment tomorrow (Saturday) and fingers crossed for more growth! The nurse had me order an extra day of Cetrotide because I will most likely stim through Monday night and trigger on Tuesday. They are wanting to stim me longer to get more eggs since we don’t have to worry whether or not I get sick since we are freezing everything. On Wednesday night I started the Menopur along with the Cetrotide, so we are up to three shots nightly now!

We did video the monitoring appointment for those interested to see how one of these works. It is kind of long, but is cool to see everything on the ultrasound! I will post that tonight hopefully!


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  1. That’s great that you are having good progress on your follies 🙂

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