IVF#2 Stimming Day 4 – Achy

Short update!! Yesterday afternoon, a few hours prior to shot number 4, I started getting nauseated. I spent the rest of the day quietly working from home and trying to think of what we had to eat that wouldn’t make me immediately throw it up. When Chris got home, he made me some cous cous which helped. I overall just felt a little bit blah. Like the body aches you get when you are coming down with the flu. 


Oliver helping me work

Last night’s shot of Gonal F (225iu) went off without a hitch. I didn’t even feel it! I do a mixture of lidocaine cream and ice and that seems to work like a charm. I will be remembering this for the dreaded PIO shots when we get to those during the FET! What was new about last night was that I felt sick about 30 seconds after the shot. The nausea came on full force and I did get a bit dizzy. I was actually excited and relieved because that is what happened each night last time and I was afraid that these eggies were not starting to grow! The rest of the night I felt sick and didn’t have much energy to move but I did get a really good nights sleep and the vivid dreams have returned (symptom of 1st cycle)!

I am so glad I am feeling worse!! I know that sounds ridiculous but that means the meds are working!! 



One response to “IVF#2 Stimming Day 4 – Achy

  1. Not sure if this will be helpful for you but, when I got really nauseated from meds, my nutritionist recommended the following: Ginger snaps, plain noodles, saltines, ginger ale, peppermint tea, white bread, & white rice!
    Hope it improves for you soon!

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