IVF#2 Stimming Day 3 – Growing Ovaries

This cycle of stimming has been easier than the first cycle by far. I have had very little nausea and dizziness and those were SUPER present very early last time. In fact, I have had so little symptoms that it has started to worry me. I expected to feel worse and in my mind the worse I feel the more eggs we get. I have had gas and a very rumbly tummy, which has been reassuring for me. I don’t necessarily think that the symptoms are not present, I think it’s a combination of two things. First off, this is my second go round. I know what to expect. The needles are not QUITE as scary as last time and I am able to handle to process better emotionally, mentally and physically. Second, I believe that acupuncture has helped get my anxiety under control and get my mind in a better place to cope with this cycle. With the ability to handle the needles and meds, everything doesn’t seem so enhanced and scary and I am not symptom spotting. Plus anxiety itself has it’s own host of symptoms so I don’t know how many were from anxiety or from the meds during the first cycle.

Last night I did start feeling a bit more achy and bloated after the shot (Gonal F 225iu). I could feel my ovaries when I walked. This is embarassing but I had to pass gas very badly and the pressure from passing the gas made me yelp in pain because it put pressure on my ovaries. While laying in bed last night, everytime Chris moved I could feel my ovaries move. While it’s not the most comfortable feeling in the world, it was comforting to start to feel some progress. Today I haven’t had as much discomfort. I am still aware of them (which is such a weird feeling and a weird concept but so is this whole process). 

So far, so good!! 3 days down and hopefully only another 7 or so to go! 



4 responses to “IVF#2 Stimming Day 3 – Growing Ovaries

  1. It’s so frustrating feeling the need to over analyze every single symptom. We’ve had the same thing many times over and it’s always the same. Every little change is viewed as a good or bad sign but we never really know.

    I hope you get plenty of top quality eggs!

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    • Thank you!! That is my main concern! I was devastated when we found out we only got two last time. I have a video of me still in the hospital bed talking about it. I am so worried that we won’t get a good number, but I just keep thinking positive!!


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