IVF#2 Stimming Day 2 – Chillaxing

Day 2 down! Only a week or so more to go! It really is amazing how quickly it goes once you start! 

There isn’t too much to report today. I had an amazing night’s sleep last night. Thanks to the new memory foam mattress topper we got on Amazon Prime Day I have been sleeping like a baby! Which is much needed if you remember my few weeks of anxiety and insomnia. I attribute my reclaimed peacefulness and ability to sleep to a combination of the new mattress topper and acupuncture. I really cannot stress how much acupuncture has helped me and I am very skeptical of alternative therapies. I highly recommend it!!

We spent the rest of the day lounging around and taking it easy. There were times today where I did not feel 100% but so far I am not having the side effects I had last time. I have not had any nausea or dizziness which were my major complaints last time. Makes me wonder how much was due to the medication and how much was due to anxiety. I have been fatigued and just felt a little off, but overall so far so good!! 

Chris gave me my shot of Gonal F 225iu tonight and it went off without a hitch for the second day in a row!! Even being a needlephobe, it is WAY easier to handle the tiny insulin needles after weeks of the big PIO needle. This is cake compared to that one!! Hoping that we can keep this streak going, especially when we increase to three shots nightly!!

That’s all for now. Been a somewhat boring day, but it was a very much welcomed boring day!! 



6 responses to “IVF#2 Stimming Day 2 – Chillaxing

  1. I’ve read in several different places acupuncture can be good for infertility but I’ve been too afraid to try it!
    Did it hurt at all???

    Good luck & baby dust! ❤

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    • It hurts for a split second depending on what points they are using. I don’t feel them in my arms, hands or legs. I feel them in my feet (tops and side) but my feet are very sensitive. Also sometimes I feel a little ‘shock’ not always and not every point. My acupuncturist says it’s good because it’s built up energy being allowed to be released. I have found myself looking forward to my weekly appts and then also I do get anxious right before he puts the needles in and then I immediately relax. I would definitely recommend it, especially as it can help with your anxiety and PTSD as well 🙂 that may make some of your appointments easier on you.

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      • Wow, seriously?!?! That’s awesome!!! Thanks, for the info 🙂
        I saw my massage therapist this week & she actually told me she hit pressure points that would aid our fertility….I sure hope so!!!! ❤

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  2. Yes! I love acupuncture too! I’m glad the stimming is easier this round. Good luck this cycle!! 🙂

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  3. We are not far behind you! I start stimming for IVF #2 tomorrow! You’re making me want to look into acupuncture. Good luck, sweetie!!

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