IVF#2 Stimming Day 1 – Migraine from Hell

I have had a migraine since Sunday…and it sucks! It eased off on Wedneaday only to rear it’s ugly head again yesterday morning. I have been suffering migraines since middle school and it’s not unusual for me to get them for days on end. When I do and my migraine medicine won’t stop it, I go to the doctor and get a shot of Toradol to break the migraine. Well, I was trying to wait this one out. I was hoping that it would just go away. I know better. Oh, and did I mention that Aunt Flow arrived last night? Yes it’s was a pain party!!

This morning I talked to my IVF nurse to see of I could have a Toradol injection since it’s a NSAID and those are a no-no during IVF. Luckily she talked to the doctor and they said I could get the injection because it’s better to break this migraine and I am only on stimming day one. Phew!! I had already left work, actually my boss (who gets migraines too) sent me home. I was sitting there trying to work with sunglasses on because of light sensitivity and she told me to give myself a break and go home and rest my head. I was driving when the nurse called me back and I was approaching the immediate care exit when she said I could have the shot. Perfect timing!! 

I went to the immediate care center and explained the situation. It bothers me to no end when I have to educate the doctor I am paying to see. She asked me all kinds of questions about my migraines and questioned why I was on Epidrin and not Topamax (because it makes me go into metabolic acidosis and get kidney stones) and generally talked down to me and didn’t understand my condition. I have been dealing with them for over 15 years, I know what works and what doesn’t. I got the medication cleared to take by my RE, just give me the shot!! Sorry, rant over. 

I got the shot in my booty. It’s amazing that going through IVF, one would think it would make getting shots easier. It doesn’t. It was still traumatic. They made me stay for 15 minutes to make sure I didn’t have a reaction and then let me go. I drove myself, which in hindsight might not have been the safest thing, but I made it home okay. I put on Big Brother and took a nap…guess what?! Migraine is GONE!!! It’s weird to be pain free and be able to see after a week of head crushing pain!! God bless Toradol!!

So that’s brings us to tonight. First night of stimming for cycle 2. I decided to record a video showing how to prepare the Gonal F. I also decided to make a YouTube channel!! I am not tech savvy so it’s taking me a bit to get it up and the videos edited. Once they are I will post them for you all to see! Creating the YouTube channel was a nice distraction for tonight’s shot of Gonal F 225iu. I also had lidocaine leftover from the last cycle so I decided to put that to good use. I didn’t have to mentally prepare for it and it was over and done in less than 2 minutes. Painless. If only all the shots over the next two weeks would be like that!!
Overall the day ended well! Migraine is gone! First shot is done and was painless! And I have a new project to distract me and occupy my time! I will be working on it over the weekend and am so excited to launch our YouTube channel for everyone to see!!

One response to “IVF#2 Stimming Day 1 – Migraine from Hell

  1. I’m sorry you had a migraine…..but these memes cracked me up ROFL ❤


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