IVF#2 Antral Follicle Count and Baseline E2

We are fast approaching the start of IVF 2.0! Today we had our baseline bloodwork and ultrasound. As I have said many times, I am highly needlephobic. So when there was a different phlebotomist there I had a moment of freak out. I was used to the other lady. She knew that I would get anxious and nervous and she made the stick as painless as possible. Well, I didn’t need to freak out this time. This lady was just as nice and did a good job as well.

Our normal ultrasound tech came and got us and said that there was a new REI fellow and a new sonographer with her today and asked if I minded if they were in the room. I said that was fine. I have never been one to decline additional professionals in the rooms. Everybody has to learn some how and I am not all that private of a person. When it came to doing the actual ultrasound, the new REI fellow asked if she could do it so she could learn the clinics ultrasound computer system. I didn’t mind at all. The ultrasound took a bit longer than normal as she had to learn the right buttons to take the pictures and measurements but it was kind of cool to listen to her being instructed because we got to see and understand more about what we were looking at. Normally the ultrasounds are done so fast you don’t get a good chance to figure out what you are looking at.

After the appointment was over I headed to work for a bit, but ended up leaving after about 30 minutes. I have had a persistent migraine since yesterday morning and the fluorescent lights at the office were not helping the situation. I worked from home the rest of the day trying to get the migraine under control. I have it to a manageble level thanks to my migraine medications. Fingers crossed it will go away while I sleep tonight!

The nurse called this afternoon and let me know that my estrogen was 23. There were no cysts. I have 17 follicles on the left and 11 follicles on the right meaning I have 28 antral follicles. She also told me to go ahead and stop my birth control. We are all set to start stimming on Friday!! She also called in the antibiotics and pain meds to the pharmacy so we went to pick them up tonight. Our IVF medication collection is complete. Expect a video soon!

Immediately upon hearing my baseline numbers I started to compare them to last cycles numbers (read last cycles baseline here). This is something that I do NOT need to be doing. I started stressing myself out because last time my numbers were higher. I keep reminding myself that this is a fresh start. We have wiped the slate clean and are starting a new with a different protocol. I am focusing on looking forward instead of backwards.

Tomorrow I go in for another acupuncture session. I have begun to really look forward to these. We worked on my anxiety last week and it definitely helped. I am looking forward to relaxing a bit tomorrow during the session. Never thought I would say having needles voluntarily sticking out of me would be relaxing…but it is!!


4 responses to “IVF#2 Antral Follicle Count and Baseline E2

  1. Sounds like a great start! I really enjoy acupuncture too, it’s nice to have some “me time” and zone out once a week.

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  2. I loved acupuncture as well! Hope all continues to go well 😀

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  4. I am thinking about acupuncture, but am going to discuss with my specialist first I think. Plus it is more money which I don’t have much of presently hahaha.
    Do the needles make you feel easier about having IVF needles and such?

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