Infertility and Insurance Benefits

Time for some good news!! First off, I called the IVF nurse and left her a voicemail asking what the exact start date is for the July cycle so I could plan. She called back and told me it’s July 24th! I made sure that we were still penciled in for the cycle and she assured me we were. I briefly mentioned my fears going into the appointment tomorrow. She is always so sweet and reassuring and even told me that Dr. Bohler and Dr. Ehlers were already creating our treatment protocol. That made me feel so much better! The fact that the doctors were already one step ahead and planning our medication protocol before meeting with us tomorrow made me feel confident that there will be no surprises and everything should go smoothly. Famous last words right? When in this IVF game we all know to expect the unexpected (see the Big Brother reference there? Fav show!!). I will update tomorrow on how the appointment went! Can’t wait! That phone call completely changed my attitude from fearful to excited!

Second bit of good news…our infertility benefit on our insurance has increased! I feel like this was serendipitous. This increase in benefit plus my parent’s generosity has given us a second chance at IVF when we thought we would only have one chance thanks to my mother-in-law’s generosity. It is a BIG difference…

Previous insurance benefit:

  • After $4,800 deductible, insurance will pay at 50% until Maximum Out of Pocket ($7,800) is met, then will pay 100% up to $5,000 lifetime maximum. No infertility medications are covered.

New insurance benefit:

  • After $3,800 deductible, insurance will pay at 90% until Maximum Out of Pocket ($6,800) is met, then will pay 100% up to $10,000 lifetime maximum. No infertility medications are covered.

We are so blessed that our benefit increased exactly when we need it the most!

In addition, one of our fellow bloggers who I have become close to (and is now pregnant!!!!) has graciously offered to donate a box and a half of Menopur to us! And another blogger had left over Vivelle Dots and she sent them to us all the way from Germany!! The love and support that we have recieved from the blogging community has been more powerful than we could have ever imagined! Your generosity is appreciated more than you will ever know! Hopefully, we soon will be pregnant and can pay it forward to those still trying!


11 responses to “Infertility and Insurance Benefits

  1. If you need any Lupron, Please let me know! I have a whole vile that isn’t used. Ended up not using it at all!

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    • Oh my goodness! Thank you! I don’t know yet if they will have me on it. I wasn’t on it last time but who knows about this go round!


      • Just let me know! Not sure where you are from, but I know everyone is on a different protocol depending on where they are from. Crazy that I’m on a medication to keep my body from rejecting my embryos!

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      • I am in Louisville, Kentucky. And it really is truly crazy how different everyone’s protocols are. Even within the same city. I am excited about finding out our new protocol and to see how different it will be from the first. I hope it results in more than two eggies this time!


      • It’s pretty crazy. I’m in Concord, NC (outside Charlotte). My clinic is in Charlotte. Stim round I did HGC lo dose, follistim & ganirellex (sp) did lupron for my trigger. Transfer round I just did estrogen patches with the progesterone in oil. Antibiotics and a drug to help my body not reject the embryos. I had to do a trigger shot and I asked him what that was for and he said studies have shown that it creates a higher chance of if sticking. My doctor has helped 4 of my friends 5 including me. 2 already have babies and the rest of us are in the middle. But yes it’s crazy!

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  2. That is amazing news about the changes to your insurance and what great parents you have. My parents have made a similar offer, we are going to try to pay for as much as we can on our own first, but it is nice to know that the offer is there.

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  3. Ok first off BB is the best! Do you catch the after dark portion or just the show itself? Secondly, awesome news about the insurance adjustment. I’ll bet it took a lot of stress off you for this round. I’m so glad the docs are already lined up with your protocol too. They seem to be really eager to help you…..along with the amazing women in the ttc world willing to help a fellow sister out.

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  4. Glad to hear your dr & nurse are thinking ahead for u! Also that your insurance benefits have increased. Sounds like things are headed in the right direction! Good luck today.

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  5. Congrats on the much improved insurance coverage! I can only imagine how much the decrease in financial stress will help with a successful cycle!

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