More Needles! Acupuncture Begins!

The past few days have been pretty good despite the sad news on Tuesday. Instead of wallowing for the next 5 weeks until we can start our next cycle, I have decided to take this time to focus on my health and do what I can to ensure a successful second cycle. I have been exercising more and am actively involved in my company’s 100 Day Dash which started on Monday. I am also focusing on eating healthier as I let that lapse over the past few weeks during the first cycle. I let myself have whatever I was craving (within moderation) and I need to get back on track. I am also going to use this time to lose some more weight. Even a loss of 5% of body weight can significantly improve chances of pregnancy.

In addition, our doctor recommended I begin acupuncture. This is something I have been looking at and researching for a while. There are many positive studies showing a link between acupuncture and successful fertility treatments and pregnancies. So just when I thought I was done with needles for a while….MORE NEEDLES! I had my first treatment yesterday and it went well. The acupuncturist has a high success rate of treating women going through IVF. It was quite relaxing and I found while I was laying there with all the needles sticking out of me that I was surprisingly at peace. I didn’t have any racing thoughts or anxiousness thinking about everything I have to do that day, which I almost always have whenever I try to go to sleep or meditate. I was just present there in the moment. When the acupuncturist returned, he said “So what questions did you come up with for me?” and I was pleasantly surprised to say “None” because I was able to calm my mind. I am to call him on Monday and let him know how I am feeling and if there is anything I have noticed that has changed. Then we will schedule my second treatment for some time next week. I will go into more detail about acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as what the acupuncturist said about my condition in a future post.

After the acupuncture appointment I headed home and Chris has a surprise for me. He bought me a pair of owl salt and pepper shakers (owls are my good luck charms!), a Manatea (a cute manatee shaped tea holder), a Chromecast so I can stream the Big Brother Live Feeds to the TV (AMAZING!!!) and a really sweet card that said BELIEVE on the front and had a very loving note inside. I was incredibly touched.

We are so thankful for the outpouring of love we have recieved over the past few days. It is amazing to share this journey with everyone. Each and every one of you has sincerely touched our hearts with your prayers and sentiments. Knowing we are not alone in this journey has truly made all the difference in our ability to keep our heads up, remain positive and hopeful and look towards a bright future with our bundle of joy.

In other news, AF officially arrived today and the nurse was NOT kidding when she warned me it was going to be awful. Currently I am curled up at my desk with a heating pad. I may or may not make it through the work day. Since AF arrived, I will go back on birth control on Sunday in order to get everything under control again. I know the next few weeks will go by quickly. We have a trip to the lake planned which will be a nice getaway for us. There is also a lot of things that I want to do before we start IVF#2. I want to get more organized and really do some deep cleaning. I know that will make me less stressed during the cycle. Unfortunately I was not able to do the amount of cleaning and organizing that I wanted to prior to IVF#1 (some of that reason may have been laziness…). Now I know how important it is for me to be surrounded in a peaceful and non-chaotic enviroment, I will push myself to get it done.

I dont know how often I will post over the next few weeks. There won’t be that much news or important happenings, but I do want to stay connected. I may use this as a form of accountability for my health and organizational goals. Stay tuned!Sstarting in Mid-July we will be off to the races again!


9 responses to “More Needles! Acupuncture Begins!

  1. I’m thinking of trying acupuncture for stress. I started birth control on Thursday and scheduled to start Lupron on July 27th (that’s the earliest the clinic was able to start me) so I will have a bleed week early July then off to the races for me as well. We will likely be cycling together! Baby dust to us both!

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  2. Oh I just love your quote that you added! Thank you for that! xo

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  3. I’m glad your focusing on taking care of yourself! I tried acupuncture recently and loved it. I plan on continuing it through our next cycle and IUI. I think it’s more relaxing than a massage!

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  4. I just started acupuncture last week for my upcoming FET. It was surprisingly relaxing. Fingers crossed it helps us both relax and have healthy pregnancies!!!

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  5. Thank you! Starting Lupron on 7/6, and aiming for a transfer around 8/13.

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  6. Awesome! Let’s make this our cycle!!!

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