IVF#1 Nine Days Past Two Day Transfer – 9dp2dt

This morning was rather productive. Chris got his hair cut and I got my eyebrows waxed (much needed!) and then we headed to Kroger to pick up another box of Vivelle patches. We also did a bit of grocery shopping while here and we got some treats for ourselves. We then headed to Petsmart to get dog food and it must have been Bring Your Puppy Into Petsmart Day because there were so many people with their teeny tiny cute puppies!!! Then we went to my favorite place…Hobby Lobby!! Needless to say it was a fun morning! We napped most of the afternoon. Tonight we were supposed to go to a cookout/surprise baby shower, but I am still emotional and didn’t think it would be the best idea to put me in that situation. 

TMI Alert…This morning I did have some more painful cramps. I would say they went from being extremely mild/barely there to moderate. I definitely noticed them. I used the restroom while we were out and I wiped twice. Each time there was a very small bright red blood clot. I got immediately concerned. Since then I had once instance this afternoon where there was a very small bright red dot. Aside from that it has been mostly normal/very light brown. I am hoping that this is still implantation bleeding. The fact that it was bright red and a clot scared me. I am still cramping worse than I have been. I am a typical 30-32 cycle girl so if this cycle doesn’t take Aunt Flow isn’t expected until late next week. Still very early for her to be showing up. Praying so hard this is implantation bleeding!!

In other news my side effects/symptoms have remained the same: fatigue, heartburn, sore breasts, cramping, nausea. No dizziness yet today. I just had to switch out the Vivelle patches and I guess since there are so many, I get an estrogen surge within an hour of putting them on. I am waiting for that pleasantness. The PIO has definitely made my booty bruised and sore, but we are getting this down. We have found a combination of lidocaine cream and ice while warming the PIO makes the process the least painful. Sometimes it burns for hours afterwards now but I think it just depends on how close he gets to a recent injection sight. 

Overall today I have been mostly neutral. I have been positive and then the pendulum swings and I am thinking worst case scenario. I honestly believe it has a lot to do with the estrogen patches because I was fine before we started them. Luckily we only have 3 more days left in our 2WW and then we will know!! We are going to snuggle up and have a Big Brother marathon in preparation for this upcoming season!!



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