IVF#1 Seven Days Past Two Day Transfer – 7dp2dt

Estrogen is no joke. 6 estrogen patches makes one a CRAZY person! I started crying at work today. Don’t even remember why, but it happened. Once the flood gates started they couldn’t be held back. It was so bad my boss sent me home!!

When I got home, I continued crying over anything and everything. I chased one of our cats around the house crying because he didn’t want to cuddle with me. I cried while watching The Real Housewives of the OC because everyone was fighting with each other and “why can’t everyone just get along!” I called my mother crying in an unintelligible voice and then hung up. Then I took a nap and woke up in so much sweat I thought I was swimming. And we just finished watching Mockingjay Part 1 and I started bawling when Prim when back for her cat….

I. Am. A. Crazy. Person. 

Aside from the hormonal apocalypse happening in my body, I am still cramping, sore breasts, a bit nauseous and a bit dizzy. I have found myself having to pee more. Fatigue is still my most prominent side effect/symptom of you don’t count the crazy emotions. 

One of my sweet cats did decide to cuddle with me. I guess he wasn’t deterred from my crazily chasing after his younger brother but a mere few hours before!!



3 responses to “IVF#1 Seven Days Past Two Day Transfer – 7dp2dt

  1. Estrogen really isn’t a joke! I am taking it orally now and it makes me feel like an absolutely insane person who should be committed. I try to lay low when I am on it. I have realized it is in the best interest of all of my relationships. Hoping it gets better for you! But know you aren’t alone!

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  2. Aww honey this does not sound like fun. Just keep telling yourself it is totally worth it and you wouldn’t have it any other way. In the meantime listen to your body and do whatever you feel you need to in order to get through the day.
    I still believe that these are all good signs 🙂

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