IVF#1 Four Days Post Two Day Transfer – 4dp2dt

Today ours babies are hatched!! They are currently (hopefully) beginning to attach to my uterine wall. They will finish implanting over the next few days and become entirely dependent on me for oxygen and nutrients. That is a scary and amazing thought!! Here is what our babies look like today:

Today was also my first day back in the office. It was more exhausting than I anticipated. I will definitely sleep well tonight!! It was great to see my coworkers and be back into a routine, but man oh man I am tired!!!

This morning I woke up early and did my hair and put on my new makeup. I wanted to feel more human! I learned some new makeup techniques while watching YouTube videos and I think it paid off!

I started having cramps this morning. Just very mild and dull cramps. At first I freaked out because history says cramps equal Aunt Flo which equals no baby. But then I remembered that cramps can mean implantation! So far I have had no spotting! I have had a few painful twinges so I am praying that is also normal and the babies are just snuggling up into their soft and cozy home! Grow, babies, grow!!! In addition to the fatigue and cramps, I have been SO hungry!! I never get hungry! With the hunger so comes nausea so it’s definitely an odd and confusing sensation!

Overall today has been a pretty good day! I started listening to come meditation/visualizations and those have been amazing helping me relax! Going to get my PIO shot and head to bed early! This fatigue is NO joke 🙂

Side Effects/Symptoms: Cramps, painful twinges, fatigue. constipation, hunger and nausea

Sticky baby dust to everyone!!!


6 responses to “IVF#1 Four Days Post Two Day Transfer – 4dp2dt

  1. So exciting!!!! Cramps I would say are a good thing today:) Sleep well!

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  2. Your makeup looks beautiful! Sending you baby dust and best wishes!

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  3. Keep growing little ones x

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  4. love your make up 🙂 Grow babies grow!!! 🙂


  5. You look great!! Baby dust to your hatchlings!!

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